Retailers embrace AI in the cloud with SymphonyAI and Oracle

SymphonyAI, a company specializing in high-value enterprise AI SaaS for strategic industries, today announced a collaboration with Oracle to deliver SymphonyAI solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) using key services such as Oracle Exadata Database Service, GPU-accelerated computing, and performance monitoring. Beginning with SymphonyAI’s retail and consumer goods verticals, customers can now migrate to the cloud to shorten technology deployment time and ensure better real-time services with robust scalability and reduced costs.

The SymphonyAI Retail CPG vertical provides integrated AI-powered merchandising, marketing and supply chain solutions for retailers and manufacturers of consumer goods. Through Oracle’s partnership with Nvidia, OCI provides GPU-accelerated computing services to support SymphonyAI clients’ ability to quickly train AI models and predict purchasing trends, ensuring each client’s store has the optimized number of products in the right place on the shelves. In addition, the Application Performance Monitoring solution at OCI provides deep visibility into application performance and enables development teams to quickly diagnose problems, helping to deliver a consistent level of service.

“SymphonyAI and Oracle are heavyweights, and they have very advanced solutions together,” says Jeff Main, CIO of Festival Foods. “This partnership has many advantages, such as not having to plan solutions and on-premise or hire technical specialists. We can replace legacy systems and create new ones that help us run our business more efficiently and scalably, without adding the expense of supporting additional stores. It’s been amazing how easy this complex solution has been to implement,” he concludes.

“SymphonyAI solutions combine deep understanding of business use cases with AI capabilities to drive real results. Our Artificial Intelligence business solutions are designed to meet the needs of retailers and manufacturers of consumer goods. Collaborating with Oracle allows us to help our clients harness the power of cloud flexibility and cost efficiencies for real-time insights and recommendations,” says Kumar Abhimanyu, SVP of strategic partnerships at SymphonyAI.

“Following global trends in retail and the need for personalization and scale, SymphonyAI is using cloud technology to help clients understand in real time what is happening in each channel, spot opportunities and stay ahead of the competition,” he says. Abiy Yeshitla, vice president, Oracle EMEA Cloud and Technology. “Oracle helps ensure availability, manageability and performance, enabling SymphonyAI to deliver the best standards, which are critical in their industries to deliver innovation to customers,” he adds.

“Retailers and producers of consumer goods continue to face pressure from supply chain delays, increased customer demand and forecast uncertainties, as they work to improve their operations and find new ways to overcome these obstacles. This collaboration with Oracle provides customers with a reliable and secure solution that can adapt to their changing needs. Combined with the industry-specific AI-based insights and recommendations we provide, clients have all the resources they need to remain competitive and forward-thinking,” said Manish Choudhary, SymphonyAI Retail CPG President and CEO.

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