Return this annoying screen to Windows 10: this is how you deactivate it

Since the arrival of Windows 10, about 7 years ago, Microsoft has been introducing some functions and features in the system whose main purpose was to annoy users. Ads, notices, bloatware and other functions have been part of the OS almost since its inception. And one of the last tedious functions that we can find in this system is a full screen that appears when logging into the PC, from time to time, inviting us to complete the system configuration.

Some time ago, Microsoft introduced a function in Windows 10 for which it began to show a configuration warningwhen logging into the computer, in full screen in order for users to configure some functions or features of the system that were yet to be configured.

The annoying thing about this screen is not the fact that it appears as such when entering the system, since it can help us configure functions that we had overlooked, improve security and take better advantage of the operating system. The really annoying thing is that this warning appears in full screen, as if it were a virus. And that, whatever we do, we can already prepare to lose several seconds (if not a minute).

This screen usually appears with the message «finish setting up windows” either “make windows even better“, and it usually recommends us to activate Windows Hello, buy Microsoft 365, or sign in with the Microsoft Account in the system. Unfortunately, Microsoft can cause these messages to appear too often on our system. Luckily, it is possible to disable them so that they stop bothering us.

Remove the message to finish setting up Windows 10

With the release of the April 2022 cumulative patches, Microsoft has turned the switch back on to bring this screen back to all those users who have not completed some of the steps that Microsoft considers essential in order to get the most out of their system. These steps can be any of those that we have already said. It can be either using Windows Hello, connecting the mobile to the PC, or using Microsoft 365 and its cloud services.

If we come across this message, we have two options. The first one is to complete the steps indicated by the wizard to stop seeing it again (until Microsoft deems it appropriate). EITHER turn off welcome experience of Windows so that the message does not appear again. At least until the next big feature update.

To do this, what we have to do is enter the Configuration panel (Win + I), and go to the System> Notifications and actions section. There we will locate the option «Show me the Windows welcome experience after updates and when I sign in for news and tips“, and we deactivate it. If it is already deactivated, we activate it and, immediately afterwards, we deactivate it again.

Remove Ads from Windows 10 - Disable Windows Welcome Experience

We restart the computer and that’s it. We shouldn’t see this splash screen anymore, at least until the next Windows feature update.

In case this message appears in Windows 11, the process to disable it is exactly the same. Just go to System > Notifications, and uncheck the box.

Disable screen experience Windows 11

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