[Review] Galaxy A53 5G: mid-range phone brings plenty of autonomy

The Galaxy A53 5G was announced this year by Samsung, being a mid-range cell phone with the highlight for having support for networks that accompany its name. Not only that, the cell phone also draws attention in its segment for having a quadruple camera system.

THE TecMasters received a unit of the device for testing and after testing it a lot, tell us what you think of the Galaxy A53 5G!

Design and finish

THE Galaxy A53 5G it has the main part of its finish made of plastic, but it still manages to give the feeling of a premium mid-range device. The color of the model sent to TecMasters was blue, which I personally like a lot.

As it has been doing with its latest cell phones, the back of the A53 5G is a little textured and this means that the cell phone does not get dirty easily. In turn, in terms of cameras, Samsung has adopted an interesting solution in which the “set” is skipped, but the lenses are not.

Image: TecMasters

At this point, Samsung hit the nail on the head, as the lenses are still protected. And not only that, the phone doesn’t wobble when it’s placed on a flat surface.

The phone weighs approximately 189g, and its edges are rounded. In this regard, once again, Samsung got it right, since due to being light and not too big, the A53 manages to offer a good grip and can even be used comfortably with just one hand.

The Galaxy A53 5G also has IP67 certification, which makes it resistant to dust and water (up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes). At the bottom of the device is your sound output and USB-C connection.

Galaxy A53 5G - finish (2)

Image: TecMasters

Compared to the A52, unfortunately, the A53 has lost its headphone output. The cell phone drawer, in turn, only holds a chip and a microSD card of up to 1 TB.

screen and sound

THE Galaxy A53 5G It comes with a 6.5-inch Super Amoled display and 120 Hz refresh rate. As with other Samsung devices with this type of display, there is nothing to complain about the colors presented, despite the fact that there is no HDR support.

Despite bringing a brightness rate of 800 nits, something normal by today’s standards, at times I had difficulty seeing what was on the screen when using the cell phone in open environments, which were brighter.

Galaxy A53 5G - screen

Image: TecMasters

The fingerprint reader is integrated into the device’s display. In this case, there’s not much to say. While my fingerprints were always recognized first and without errors, their response time was satisfactory.

Regarding the screen, another criticism is that its refresh rate is fixed. Thus, unlike what we saw in other models of the brand, the user cannot leave it at 60 Hz or in “variable” mode to save battery.

For sound reproduction, the Galaxy A53 5G has dual speakers, capable of delivering a high level of volume and without any distortion. Here, it is still worth noting that Samsung has included support for Dolby Atmos technology, which promises to improve sound quality to offer more immersion.

Performance and autonomy

THE Galaxy A53 5G It is a mid-range device, but it can even run some games without major problems. Before we get into the details of the tests, first, see the technical sheet of the model evaluated by TecMasters:

  • Exynos 1280 octa-core processor
  • Mali-G68 GPU
  • 8 GB LPDDR4X memory
  • 128 GB of storage space
  • 5000mAh battery

The A53 5G does well to run simpler applications and will hardly stutter. Something that also helps the phone a lot is the fact that it has 8 GB of memory, which allows you to leave several apps open without major problems.

As for games, the device even does a good job, as long as it’s not the heaviest titles, like Genshin Impact, or that your graphics settings aren’t at their maximum.

In my tests with the newly released Apex Legends Mobile, I had a good experience. At the time of “launch”, with the default graphics settings, the game even presented a small slowdown, but fortunately this was not seen at the time of action.

Galaxy A53 5G - Apex Legends Mobile

Image: TecMasters

In Asphalt 9, a title that continues to be heavy after years of its release, the experience was practically the same as reported above. In most races, I didn’t experience any slowdowns, but when there are a lot of special effects, the Mali-G68 doesn’t do so well.

Something in turn to be praised, is that even in gaming sessions of approximately one hour, the cell phone practically did not heat up.

For those interested in benchmarking test numbers, in Geekbench 5, Cell scored 740 points for Sing-Core activities and 1922 for Multi-Core activities.

Regarding autonomy, with moderate use, the Galaxy A53 5G can stay away from the socket for up to 3 days. In my tests, using the cell phone to take photos, watch videos and play games (little), the battery charge at the end of the second day was close to 30%. When playing non-stop, in approximately 60 minutes, its load dropped by less than 10%, which I think is great.

In the charging test, in 30 minutes, the battery went from 0% to 33%. The time for a full recharge of the Galaxy A53 5G was approximately 90 minutes.


For the cameras part, the Galaxy A53 5G It has a quadruple camera system. These are your lenses:

  • 64MP wide main lens with f/1.8 aperture
  • 12MP ultrawide lens with f/2.2 aperture
  • 5 MP macro lens with f/2.4 aperture
  • 5 MP depth sensor with f/2.4 aperture

With the main lens, the Galaxy A53 5G can capture images with a good level of detail, with colors coming out slightly saturated, in well-lit environments. The only observation I make for this type of photo is that the device’s sensor is quite sensitive, which makes a photo taken in the same environment very susceptible to changes due to light.

As you can see in the gallery above, when the lighting level doesn’t help, a little noise can be noticed. On the other hand, portrait mode is very effective and hardly deforms what is in focus.

Galaxy A53 5G - photo taken with portrait mode

Image: TecMasters

On the other hand, in night mode, the cell phone has only a satisfactory result. When the night mode is activated, it is really possible to notice that some colors and elements are more visible. Still, the level of detail is a little degraded Again, the quality of the photos is not perfect, but colors are highlighted and the result ends up being acceptable with a level of detail a little degraded and noise is sometimes apparent.

Regarding the macro lens, the Galaxy A53 5G even manages to do a good job, but some observations need to be made. As seen in the main lens, the lighting makes the phone very sensitive to any change, even momentarily. So, some photos are of good quality, but adjusting the focus, something crucial in this type of photo, is a little difficult.

[Review]  Galaxy A53 5G: mid-range phone brings plenty of autonomy[Review]  Galaxy A53 5G: mid-range phone brings plenty of autonomy

On the selfie lens, there are no criticisms to be made. The photos are recorded with an excellent level of detail and slightly saturated colors, something I like. Not only that, unlike other lenses, I didn’t have any problems with the lighting to make the records.

Galaxy A53 5G - selfie

Image: TecMasters

Galaxy A53 5G System

THE Galaxy A53 5G comes with Android 12 and One UI 4.1 interface. As with other Samsung devices, during its configuration, some applications are offered to the user, which go a little beyond the brand’s ecosystem,

Fortunately, most of these apps are useful and can, for example, protect files. Third-party apps can be uninstalled without rooting. In addition to counting, of course, with Google Assistant, the Galaxy A53 5G also comes with Bixby.

Samsung’s assistant is not so intrusive, but it gets in the way at times like turning off the phone. The reason for this is that the “button to turn it on” is not the same as for “off”, but this can be modified with a setting and has been seen on other models.

Another positive point is that the device has its software upgradeable for 4 years, which guarantees security for a very considerable time. The only thing to regret here in this model is the absence of DeX, the technology that allows you to use your cell phone as if it were a computer when connected to a monitor.


THE Galaxy A53 5G It is an excellent choice for an intermediate cell phone, which has a good performance for simple activities, but which may be lacking for playing games. The finish of the device really deserves to be highlighted as something positive and close to what we find in premium products.

On the part of the photos, the phone does well in the records, but the camera seems to be a little too sensitive at times. Not only that, I wish it were easier to capture noise-free images, as the A53 5G showed quality in tests and that perhaps a software update could contribute.

Finally, despite not having evolved much compared to its predecessor, the autonomy offered by the device is excellent.

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