Review of the JBL Quantum 350, a good gaming headset for less than 100€

With its premium specs and price below €100, is the JBL Quantum 350 gaming headset on target? Answer in this test.

In the audio market, JBL no longer has to prove itself. Whether we are talking about headphones, speakers or even headphones, the American brand has quickly become one of the essential references in the world of listening devices. But there is still a rather recent audience that we still have to convince: gamers. There, JBL still has to make a solid reputation, in the midst of already well-established giants.

JBL, for whom “sound is survival” unveils its Quantum 350 wireless gaming headphones, an alternative to premium wireless headphones, with a price contained below the 100€ mark. And yet, the brand promises us a sound that does not compromise, whatever the game platform chosen. So, were we convinced by the performance of the device? Answer in this test of the JBL Quantum 350.

Design and ergonomics

In the box, we therefore find the dongle to connect the headphones, the device itself, the microphone, and the USB-C charger with the supplied cable. In terms of design, the helmet is sober. All dressed in black, it is entirely made of plastic and sports a few orange touches inside the pads. The JBL logo is present in three different places, so we are not about to forget the brand of the headphones. On the inner hoop there is a strip of aerial foam that extends over ten centimeters. Featherweight, it can be worn for long hours without any problem, it will not weigh on your skull.

Overall, the Quantum 350 wireless has a comfortable head fit. The foam on the headband does not look like much (especially in relation to its length), but is enough to satisfy us for a game or work session lasting several hours. For hardcore gamers, it may seem too rigid, but should be fine for casual gamers. If at first glance it seems rather tight, this precisely allows the helmet not to move and to stay in place for a very long time. As for the glasses, they reach the level of the pads and are therefore very easy to wear with the helmet.

JBL advertises that its earpads are made of memory foam. Nevertheless, to the touch and use, we rather have the impression of finding ourselves with a classic foam, this one not being particularly soft or denser than the average. However, there is a nice diameter that can adapt to most ears that wear them. It will therefore be suitable for a large number of people.

Connectivity, features and autonomy

On a daily basis, the JBL Quantum headphones prove to be a perfect ally, in particular thanks to their easy-to-use controls and connectors. Almost all of the buttons are located on the left ear, the right ear simply having the power button, located on the lower edge of the earpiece. On the left, we find the wheel to adjust the volume, just below the button to mute the microphone, and again below the USB-C port to recharge it.

The only downside is that you won’t find a wheel to manage the microphone feedback, which is always pleasant on headphones in this range, and as some of the competing devices offer for the same price. Moreover, this is a standard configuration, which will allow you to play in peace while controlling certain aspects related to your listening.

jbl quantum 350 headphone test connectors
Credits: Journal du Geek

The Quantum 350 wireless headset is, as its name suggests, a wireless headset. No Bluetooth connection in sight so it uses a simple USB dongle to connect remotely to your devices. It is therefore compatible with PlayStation consoles and PCs that do not require special connectivity. If you’re using an Xbox, don’t expect to be able to run it on it, it’s not compatible with the console’s proprietary wireless connection.

The strong point of this wireless headset is its autonomy. With an outfit displayed at 10 p.m., we would have a hard time disproving this claim by JBL. A full charge can indeed last for many hours without failing and, if you are an occasional player, you can use it for several days in a row without any problem. Once the battery is completely empty, it recharges in just over an hour and a half with the supplied case and cable. An excellent point that allows the Quantum 350 to stand out a bit among its competitors, despite some weaknesses in other areas.

Sound and Microphone

Let’s come to a point that can be described as the most important: the sound. This one is pretty decent in all areas. Balanced, it allows you to perfectly hear the details of your game as a whole, with good bass and good clarity. Despite everything, the highs which sometimes seem rather distant, at least in the basic configuration. Moreover, the sound is balanced and really pleasant over long periods of time.

By default, the pads provide good sound isolation and when you wear the headphones, you feel a clear difference in terms of surrounding noise. On PC, you can access the JBL QuantumENGINE software suite, which allows you to further personalize your listening, and thus adapt it to all your uses.

jbl headphones equalizer app
Credits: Journal du Geek

By default, spatial sound is disabled. To reactivate it, and take advantage of QuantumSURROUND technology, simply go to the specific tab in the application and press the corresponding button. From then on, you have the possibility to choose between a precise, balanced or immersive sound, and to adjust the diameter of the head circumference for better optimization. This done, we found the sound much clearer and very precise, which is always very appreciable in part, especially in the two shooting ranges where precision is often synonymous with preparation.

In another time, you also have access to an equalizer, which allows you to adjust the sounds of the headphones as you wish, and especially according to the styles of video games you play. While you can set up your profile from scratch, there are a few default profiles that allow you to have a decent experience, even if you’re a newbie. We thus note the profiles named FPS, or Long Session, which are really worth the detour.

When you change platform, you can keep the last settings saved and modify them from your PC interface. Note however that at the beginning of the use of the application, you can hear small muffled noises, which are frankly not pleasant, especially for people sensitive to this kind of sound.

jbl micro headset review
Credits: Journal du Geek

Like some of its comrades, the Quantum 350 wireless has a detachable, malleable microphone with integrated protective foam. This reduces the pick-up of parasitic noise and provides clear and precise sound. When you don’t want to use it, so just detach it and put it away.

In use, the microphone is very pleasant and adopts a customizable position thanks to its flexible rubber material. In part, it has never failed us and has always been able to carry our voice clearly. So we had no trouble making ourselves heard by the other players.

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