Review of the new Logitech MX Keys Mini for Mac

MX Keys MIni keyboard for Mac

There is no doubt that when we talk about the Logitech brand we are talking about quality. In this case we have had the opportunity to test the new Logitek MX Keys Mini keyboard for Mac and we can advance perfectly that we are facing one of the best keyboards of the firm for Mac users. This is an excellent quality keyboard that adds intelligent lighting on the keys by detecting when we approach with the hand, this keyboard of Logitech.

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There are many new features that this little MX Keys mini adds

MX Keys MIni keyboard for Mac

And it is that the firm takes advantage of the experience acquired over so many years to create a truly spectacular keyboard in terms of performance despite its small size. That is why the strong style of the Logitech MX series makes it one of the best non-numeric keyboards today. Those who need the numeric keypad can choose the regular MX for Mac model or even the highly recommended Logitech Craft.

It can be said that the MX series is one of the winners in every way within the Logitech product range. Millions of users have these keyboards and use them daily for their Mac, iPad, iPhone or even PC, something that the firm has earned with the work, quality and good work in these important peripherals.

Available in four colors

MX Keys MIni keyboard for Mac

Graphite, light gray, pink and silver are the colors that are available for this small Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard. Seer mind these colors combine perfectly with the range of MX mice that Logitech has in its product catalog.

In our case, the color is gray and it combines quite well with the color of the MacBook Pro as you can see in the images. Put on top and to serve as a comparative mode as you can see in the image above, this MX Keys Mini is the same size as the keyboard of this MacBook Pro from 2009 and its color is very similar.

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Some of its main specifications include fast charging

MX Keys MIni keyboard for Mac

The best thing about this type of Logitech keyboard is that they are designed to be used on the Mac, so they add each and every one of the keys that we need for their use. This section of the main specifications will be quite extensive and it is a really complete keyboard.

An important point are the buttons 1,2 and 3 that also serve to switch Bluetooth connection between devices, so without touching more than a button you will go to write from Mac to iPad or iPhone. This really increases productivity with this keyboard and is a key feature of Logitech keyboards.

Another point to take into account are the keys with that rounded shape that They perfectly reflect the shape of the fingertips and are much more comfortable to use than the completely flat keys found on other keyboards. We also have specific keys for voice dictation, activate the mute and sound mode of the microphone together with the Emojis key in the central part of the same. Logically it has the keys of the Mac.

MX Keys MIni keyboard for Mac

Fast charging with USB C port is another of the novelties of this keyboard. It has a battery that allows you to enjoy some About 10 days with a full charge or about 5 months with the backlight off. This can vary logically depending on how you use the keyboard, but we in our tests we have achieved an autonomy of about 11 days without problems, with everything activated and with really intense use which is not usual in normal users. As the months pass and the use, the battery may be somewhat depleted and the possible use time may decrease, but this is not something that happens in a short time …

You can customize the F keys with specific functions or custom shortcuts and the keyboard light adjusts automatically depending on the brightness. In this sense, light management is important as it drastically reduces consumption.

Design and quality of the MX Keys Mini materials

MX Keys MIni keyboard for Mac

The layout of this keyboard is very similar to that of its older brother, if not the same. We have the keys in white in this case that stand out a lot. The design is very careful and the purpose of this keyboard is occupy little space with the maximum possible performance and comfort are achieved with the. Logitech took care of all the details and in this keyboard you can even remove the battery that it carries to change it for a new one when it fails. We do not recommend opening the battery section if it is not necessary.

The front part is really neat and worked, Logitech knows how to make keyboards with careful designs without sacrificing productivity. In this case, the MX Keys Mini for Mac meets the expectations of a keyboard prepared for long working hours. The USB C charging cable is added for both ports but the charger is not added. Logically for fast charging a power adapter that supports PD is required.

You can find all the information about this keyboard on the Logitech website.

Editor’s Opinion

Logitech MX Keys Mini for Mac
  • Editor’s rating
  • 5 star rating



  • Automatic key backlighting
  • Design and quality of materials
  • Very comfortable keyboard when you have been typing for hours


  • Does not add wall charger

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