Revolut launches an account to manage the operations of freelancers

With the objective of improve self-employment managementthe global financial superapp, Revolut, has launched a new account.

The company, which has more than 20 million retail customers and more than 500,000 business customers, has opted for Revolut Profor the management of income, payments and expenses. This account is aimed at the growing number of freelancers, sole proprietorships, contractors and self-employed workers who seek to manage their business funds in an easier, more efficient and comfortable way.

Initially available in the UK, Ireland, France, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Lithuania, Revolut Pro is a free bank account with no monthly fees and no deposit or balance requirements. The account can be created in less than two minutes within the Revolut app, and offers a debit card with 1% cashback on all payments made with the card.

It also allows users to quickly and securely send bank transfers or instant payments to external banks as well as other Revolut accounts. With Revolut Pro, clients can manage their business funds without the need for a full business account.

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Revolut Pro allows you to multi-currency payments with a physical or virtual card, Google Pay and Apple Pay, plus bank transfers. As businesses and consumers increasingly use digital payments and cards instead of cash, Revolut Pro enables freelancers to instantly accept payments online with QR codes, payment links and by generating invoice templates.

María Martí García, product owner of Revolut Pro, commented: “The exponential rise of freelancers, artists, bloggers, and the like, along with more traditional solo professions such as tutors, home service providers, and trade show vendors, has driven demand for better ways to manage jobs. income and expenses for those who work on their own projects, whether full or part time.”

15% of GDP

Currently in Spain there more than three million self-employedwhich contribute 15% of GDP, according to estimates by the Ministry of Labor included in the National Strategy to Promote Self-Employment (ENDITA).

Despite their importance for the economic fabric, both the self-employed and sole traders or workers with secondary income have historically been limited to contracting complex professional accounts or continuing to depend on their personal accounts, without the ability to differentiate their income and expenses in a simple way. Revolut Pro enables this growing demographic to have a Greater control of your income and expensesgiving them the peace of mind to focus on what’s important: running their business.

Revolut Pro is one of the offers that Revolut offers to business owners, allowing them to have more control over their finances. Those with advanced needs can create a Revolut Business account, which offers additional features for businesses, such as team management, bulk payment options, API integrations, and connections to business and accounting apps.

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