Revolution in CPU for laptops, AMD will have 16 Cores and DDR5!

The rumors are coming out with a dropper and today we have another to discover, because although Apple came first with the implementation of greater efficiency for its CPUs or SoCs, Intel has done the same for x86 and AMD, although with delay, it is facing it your way. At the moment the war continues in the number of cores and these will grow with the next generations of laptops, specifically and in the red team with Phoenix and its 16 Cores.

A war is coming and although the steps have already been taken, many details are not known, at least for the moment. But today’s leaked will leave rivers of ink, because if Intel set a roadmap as such, AMD seems to be up to the challenge, and it is not easy. The long-awaited Zen 4 architecture will explode and appear next year, and this is going to be a very important change in the sector of high-performance gaming notebooks, why?

Raphael-H is no match for Alder Lake-H

It is impressive how when one of the two giants hits, the other is able to react in a short period of time. Logically this is not the result of chance or lack of foresight, but rather the opposite, but there is no presentation without rumor to the contrary that downplays it and vice versa, a game of give and take that today has a new chapter.

As we know and going directly into the matter, AMD has on the market its Zen 3 Vermeer for desktop with its Ryzen 5000, and Cezanne for the portable range, which is followed by Barcelo as an update similar to the Zen 3+ desktop, supposedly in 6 nm.

The AMD coup comes with the so-called Raphael-H (to temporarily understand where we are) although in reality it should be called Phoenix (Phoenix translated, great name for its purpose without a doubt) and it is that, regardless of whether they come out before or after Raphael (Desktop CPUs to better position ourselves) these APUs are going to make people talk.

They will be based as it could not be otherwise on the Zen 4 architecture and will reach the market in 5 nm, from this and adding everything said, take salt and season to taste, because we are going with rumors and more rumors.

Phoenix: 16 Cores and iGPU like Intel

It is something that we have already spoken lightly and above on occasion, but now it seems to be confirmed that AMD will use the current architecture of its RDNA2 GPUs in its new iGPUs to fight Intel on several fronts.

The first and not least is that Raphael on the desktop will have said iGPU, but it will not fight with Alder Lake-S for the supremacy of integrated graphics, but with Raptor Lake-S, where also AMD says goodbye to APUs as such, to call them CPU proper as its rival does. In notebooks with Phoenix the core count is raised to 16, matching Intel and also includes iGPU RDNA2.

Both architectures of Lisa Su’s would integrate DDR5 and supposedly also PCIe 5.0 (not confirmed) within what is already known as the range Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 7000H. They will not compete as such with Alder Lake in any segment, for that Zen 3+ will come out with Warhol and Rembrandt at 6 nm, so Raphael and Phoenix will do it as we say with Raptor Lake-S and Raptor Lake-H, mainly because they will reach end of next year or at the latest by early 2023, depending on TSMC and the number of chips available, since these two AMD bets will be at 5 nm HP.

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