Rewind Hispano 2021 is back: a complete and fun summary of the year

Against the current of what happened with the international summary, and recovering what seems to be an annual tradition again, the well-known Spanish youtuber Alecmolon published yesterday the Hispanic Rewind 2021, the video summarizes together with a huge team of participants that include the vast majority of content creators from Spain and Latin America such as Ibai Llanos, ElRubius, Thegrefg, Xokas, Juan Guarnizo, Ari Gameplays, Nimu Ch., in addition to some interventions specials like Lionel Messi, Gerad Piqué or Sergio Agüero, and some other surprises.

As its creator explains, this project has been created thanks to «four months of hard work […] being without a doubt the video that we have put the most effort, enthusiasm and desire into it. Proving once more how big and powerful our Spanish-speaking community is«. And it is that despite not being a fan of this type of content, I have to say that even I am aware that the result undoubtedly deserves praise, both at the editing level, as well as the enormous amount of interventions and references gathered , resulting in an entertaining video as well as fun.

In addition to the appearances of the famous participants, this Hispanic Rewind allows us to synthesize a whole year of trends in which, without a doubt, streaming and platforms such as YouTube and Twitch have been the main protagonists; All this without diminishing the prominence of small pearls and subtle references to some short TikTok videos or famous phrases published on Instagram and Twitter.

Although it also leaves us with some additional memories such as The Money Heist, the Spanish series already recognized throughout the world; the Squid Game, the great revelation series of this year; and even other milestones outside the world of digital entertainment with mentions to Argentina’s victory in the Copa América, the celebration of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and even the first international tournament of the sport of balloons.

It does not cease to surprise us, however, that some reference to the issue of vaccination and the pandemic has been missing, still present, although without a doubt it is a perfect summary of the positive part of this year.

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