Reyes offers begin: HDD WD My Book 16 TB at -43%

Surely you have already emptied your smartphone more than once on your PC hard drive. Videos, photos, memes and thousands of varied images that flood the storage that your phone has because each time these files weigh more and your HDD is running out of space. Although the TB is cheap, going up in capacity in a unit shoots its price, so this offer will be sure to welcome when you know that the 16TB WD My Book It is with a 43% discount.

An external hard drive with a large capacity and little money? It sounds almost like a joke, but with today’s offer, the one who can laugh when buying it is you, because when said offer or stock runs out, it will surely not return. And it is that this model with this capacity and for less than 300 euros yesterday sounded like a joke.

WD My Book 16 TB, space for everything

This external hard drive is intended for those who need a brutal amount of storage space, because for a mortal such amount of TB is simply insane and something that is practically impossible to fill.

WD defines this My Book as a high-capacity, attractive and reliable external HDD, and it is not without reason given its performance. We are talking about a model that is only surpassed by its 18 TB brother and that integrates the already known software WD Backup for Windows and Mac, which will allow us to make backup copies of photos, videos, music and of course any document we have.

Everything copied or input to this HDD is hardware encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, where our privacy will also be ensured thanks to its own tools such as WD Security by means of a personalized password that we will enter at the appropriate time.

Reliability, connectivity and power

The connection of this external HDD will be made through USB 3.0 or USB 2.0, where we will need the exFAT format to host our files on both Windows and Mac. That said, compatibility is limited to Windows 8.1 or higher and macOS 10.13 or higher, something simple to meet today.

Of course we are talking about a compact external HDD, since this WD My Book 16 TB only measures 139.3mm x 49mm x 170.6mm, so it is really compact and portable if necessary. Normally this will not be necessary thanks to the software WD Discovery, which will connect to our social networks or clouds to keep the files we want online, as long as we need it.

As for the price, we talk about only 289.99 euros, a discount of 43% from 505.99 euros, which although it is not a historical minimum price, but it is close to it. You won’t find an external HDD of this capacity for this price! Go for him, they are over!

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