Ricardo Labarga leaves the position of General Director of Dell Spain to María Antonia Rodríguez

The address of Dell in Spain will change in the coming dates, since Ricardo Labarga ceases to be its General Director, after no less than 14 years at the helm of the Spanish division of Dell Technologies. Labarga, who will also leave the company in the coming weeks, took over as Country Manager for Dell in Spain in June 2009. He then replaced Gabriel Cerrada, and since 2017 he has been General Manager of Dell Technologies Spain.

When he assumed top responsibility at Dell Spain, Labarga had already been working at the company for ten years, during which time he had successively been in charge of the company’s Public Sector and Major Accounts divisions. Since he held the position, the manager has been in charge of transferring and adapting the company’s strategy for all the countries in which it has a local and unified presence, which has responded both to Dell’s needs in Spain and internationally. .

With a degree in Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid, Labarga worked for a decade at Bull before joining Dell. In the last years of said period he held the position of Director of the public sector of Bull. He previously had worked in the PSA group. Since 2009 he has seen Dell Spain rank among the top technology companies in Spain, in addition to having managed to exceed 600 million euros in turnover. His period at the helm of the division has also coincided with one of the best stages in Dell’s history.

The Labarga’s replacement in the most responsible position at Dell Technologies in Spain will be María Antonia Rodríguez Utrera, who also has extensive experience in the company, as well as in the technology sector. She has been working for it for more than 24 years, and was currently its Sales Director for a company in Spain. She previously worked for more than 11 years at Fujitsu Spain.

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