Ridiculous price for these Sony on offer: only 9.50 euros

Looking for some good, nice and cheap sports headphones? It’s over. We have just what you need. It turns out that right now there is a model of Sony specially designed for sports that has fallen from its official price a 53% and is therefore placed with a label of ridiculous 9.50 euros. Yes. Less than ten. For them.

Sony MDR-AS210, built to sweat

Not just any headset is good for sports. Although we think that nothing is wrong, sweat can end up damaging them more than you think, causing you to have to retire your headphones earlier than it should. That is why if you are going to practice some type of exercise with them, their thing is that they are created especially for the sport practice.

Sony’s MDR-AS210s are perfect in this regard. It is a 1.2 m cable headphones long enough to be comfortable both in the gym and outdoors (they are also very light, since they only weigh 12 grams). Resistant Splashproof, they feature distinctive curved-shaped adjustable hooks at the back of the ear that keep the earbuds in place during exercise.

Sony claims that its open acoustics allow a better air flow “To enjoy a natural sound quality”, also having a 13.5 mm diaphragm that provides a clear and detailed sound of those you are listening to, regardless of the volume – for those more interested in technical aspects: its sensitivity is 104 dB / mW and its frequency range from 17 to 22,000 Hz.

Sony MDR-AS210

Good, beautiful and cheap, as we anticipated, and available in various colors, with two of them having a price of less than 10 euros.

Offer only 9.50 euros

In case you are interested in everything you just read and think that these simple (but effective) headphones are all you need to get around, know that buying them is as easy as clicking below, choose colour (white or gray) and put them in your shopping cart, thus enjoying a reduction of 53% compared to their official store price.

The Sony MDR-AS210 are shipped and sold by Amazon Spain -with the advantages that this supposes, especially in terms of returns is concerned- so if you have Prime and buy them in the next 4 hours, you can have them at home tomorrow without shipping costs. What are you waiting for?

The link to this offer is part of our Amazon affiliate agreement and may earn us a small commission. Even so, the decision to publish it has been made freely, under the editorial criteria of El Output, without attending to suggestions or requests from the brands involved.

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