Rigoberta Bandini provided the voice for Pixar, Disney and even Studio Ghibli!

It is likely that, unless you live on a desert island, you have been aware of the controversy surrounding the selection of our representative for Eurovision. Everything was in a trio among which stood out Rigoberta Bandini, one of the most dazzling musical phenomena of recent years. The curious thing is that, as a result of the interest and to investigate more in the protagonists of the story, a curious detail has emerged and geeky. Rigoberta Bandini put her voice in the legendary Spirited Away. In fact, there is more fabric to cut and he also participated in other animated films that have already gone down in history.

There should no longer be anyone who does not know, at least in passing, that the selection of our representative for Eurovision (who would be the winner of the festival benidormfest) came with controversy.

We won’t go into it They robbed Tanxugueiras of victory in front of everyonebut we won’t go into it. The point is that this seemed like the old days, when we discussed things like that on the networks, and not about pandemics or third world wars. Better that flavor to other times, the truth.

The point is that, with the interest in the different protagonists of the story, a curious detail came to light. One of them gave the voice to a legendary animated film.

Rigoberta Bandini was the voice of the main character in Spirited Away

Indeed, Paula Ribó, the Catalan actress and singer who performs under the artistic name of Rigoberta Bandini, was the voice of the protagonist of Spirited Away.

I’m not saying that this Japanese animated film is the best film from the legendary Studio Ghibli, but it is the one I always recommend to anyone who wants to start with them. A wonder that premiered in Spain in October 2002.

ribó gave voice in Spanish and Catalan to the girl Chihiro. Taking into account the dates of the film and the current age of Rigoberta Bandini, this she had about 12 years old no problem…

And, curiously, this was not his only time… nor was it the first.

Rigoberta Bandini also put the voice in a Pixar movie and another Disney

Princess Dot from Bugs, voiced by Rigoberta Bandini

Bandini’s career as a voice actress, however, goes even further back. Because, in 1999, She voiced Princess Dot in the Pixar animated film, Bugs (A bug’s life). Indeed, Rigoberta Bandini, after the acquisition of Pixar by Disney, could say that she was officially a Disney princess at the age of 9.

However, this would not be her only famous intervention or her only princess title of this type, because, apparently, people lead lives that the rest of us barely imagine.

In the legendary movie Frozen of Disney, which so tortured the ears of parents in that disastrous 2013, Paula Ribó was also the voice of one of the protagonists, Anna de Arendellealthough, in this case, only for the version dubbed into Catalan. In Spanish, the person in charge was the actress Laura Pastor.

Apart from that, he also dubbed in that language Caillouin the French animated series that told the adventures of the famous baby.

As you can see, some of them have fascinating details in their lives and, when they were just 9 years old, they were working for Pixar. Others, however, have to settle for telling the adventures of others and the secrets we keep are so boring that they make us cry for the wrong reasons.

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