Ring cameras get end-to-end encryption

It seems that the tests that they are conducting in Ring with the video doorbells and with their cameras in terms of end-to-end encryption are proving positive and would be available in their products. On the other hand in these news nothing is shown about what thousands of other users expect, the long-awaited compatibility with Apple’s HomeKit.

What is evident is that this encryption guarantees that a video is made totally private by its original sender and with this the user’s privacy is greatly improved. This encryption does not come only in terms of changes and it is that new additional security functions are added, including compatibility with authentication applications and CAPTCHA implementation. Ring will also make available in the coming weeks a new automated self-service process that will allow customers to safely and conveniently transfer ownership of their used devices.

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Focused on improving privacy

Amazon which currently owns Ring after its purchase in 2018, you want to focus as much as possible on user privacy. These novelties in Ring have been tested for weeks in the United States and it seems that it will finally be applied in all devices around the world.

What still unknown is when HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video support will arrive for Ring Video Doorbells and the rest of the brand’s devices. It will be time to keep waiting patiently for this technology or perhaps they will already wait directly for Matter, which is the technology that makes all devices compatible with HomeKit and other systems.

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