Riverbed incorporates the employee experience into its observability suite

A lot has changed in recent years for Riverbed. The company, which in the past decade was one of the leading companies in the development of solutions to optimize and accelerate network performance, has turned in recent years towards the development of a solid set of unified observability solutions. In this sense, the company offers integrated products to monitor and improve the performance of business applications, the organization’s network and the devices that connect to it.

It is in this context that the presentation of Aternity Sentiment, a new solution that enables organizations to improve the digital experience of employees by making it easier for their technical teams to proactively detect and fix problems related to applications and devices. In this way, as explained yesterday by those responsible at a press conference, “it is possible to increase productivity, employee satisfaction and the quality of service.”

Integrated into Alluvio Aternity DEM, Aternity Sentiment makes it easy to measure user satisfaction through customizable surveys, that can be sent to specific groups of employees on different devices and locations. Thus, organizations gain a more complete view of the real-time experience of employees and how that affects their performance and productivity.

In this way, Alluvio Aternity DEM provides a complete picture of the digital experience by correlating objective and thematic metrics via sentiment. Plus, leverage the power of the Alluvio Unified Observability portfolio of solutions to gain a complete view of the digital experience.

The complete Alluvio Aternity Digital Experience Management solution features End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) and Application Performance Management (APM), and provides insight into the business impact of digital customer and employee experience by capturing and storing technical telemetry and sentiment feedback at scale from employee devices, every type of enterprise app, and cloud-native app service.

Deployed as an agent on end-user devices or in the application infrastructure, Aternity measures what users actually see in each transaction, in every app, on any device. Today, Aternity manages more than four million endpoints around the world and processes more than 250 billion activities daily.

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