ROCCAT Kone XP, this high-precision gaming mouse arrives in Spain

Presented by the company just a month ago, and after having passed through our hands to be analyzed, finally the new ROCCAT Kone XP lands in our country as a winning product with very few weak points, and a peripheral that improves what was already a benchmark gaming mouse.

And it is that this mouse comes with a complete update, with meticulously improved ergonomics and innovative 3D RGB lighting, along with its impressive 19,000 DPI Owl-Eye optical sensornew and faster switches, and a huge number of assignable buttons make it one of the most customizable and configurable PC gaming mice on the market.


Specifically, the Kone XP has more buttons than any other mouse in its price class, with no less than 15 customizable buttons, which thanks to Easy-Shift technology, increase the possible functions to 29 for each button, which is ideal for strategy games, MMOs like the recently released Lost Ark, or action games like the successful Elden Ring. On the other hand, it also highlights your ROCCAT Titan optical switchfaster than any mechanical switch and lasts twice as long, with an actuation speed of an impressive 0.2 milliseconds offering adjustable debounce time.

So, without a doubt one of the most remarkable points of this mouse is its translucent casing, which together with its RGB lighting with 22 LED lights, allows us to create a unique aesthetic with which we can even see its internal engine. Also, compatible with the company’s AIMO lighting system, we will be able to synchronize this peripheral with the rest of ROCCAT compatible products.

Availability and price

As we said, the ROCCAT Kone XP is finally available in our country, and can currently be found through the brand’s official website as well as exclusively at FNAC, with two variants in black (shown in our analysis) and white. , both under a recommended launch price of 89.99 euros.

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