ROCCAT presents its new Burst Pro Air wireless mouse

After the recent arrival of its Kone XP gaming mouse, now ROCCAT presents us with an update of another of its peripherals with the arrival of the new Burst Pro Air, which replaces the cable with a completely wireless model but just as powerful and reliable, designed specifically for PC gamers who prefer the convenience and freedom of this format.

Maintaining the design of its analog model, we find again this revolutionary transparent bionic case, maintaining its symmetrical ergonomic design, this time updated with the presence of additional LEDs for a more consistent and vibrant RGB lighting experience without sacrificing its great lightness. .

And it is that the Burst Pro Air it barely weighs 81 gramswhich added to its low-resistance heat-treated pure PTFE pads, will allow us to get the most out of its powerful 19,000 DPI Owl-Eye optical sensor, offering us a speed and precision of the first level. Although that’s not all. And it is that this mouse comes equipped with Titan Optical Switcheswhich offer smooth, fast sensing, while Stellar Wireless technology optimizes and manages wireless signal strength for optimal performance without dropouts or delays.

A wireless connectivity that will be provided by a dual system, being able to choose between a low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection or a Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connection multipurpose

ROCCAT Burst Pro Air Colors

On the other hand, the Burst Pro Air has a battery life of up to 100 hours per charge, allowing us to practically forget about having to load it to focus on our games. Although if this were not enough, the mouse has an optimized charging system, offering up to five hours of play with a charge of just 10 minutes.

Availability and price

Presented with immediate availability under pre-purchasewe can currently find the ROCCAT Burst Pro Air available for reservation on the brand’s official website, having already dated its official launch worldwide for next April 26.

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