ROCCAT Torch, the professional microphone that every streamer wants

The Torch microphone is designed for gamers, streamers, and general content creators looking to pack professional-grade features in a relatively affordable PC microphone. The microphone features 24-bit quality sound, dual condenser design, latency-free Mic Monitoring, and a built-in pop filter among many other things.

Torch, this is the ROCCAT professional microphone

Roccat torch
Design Tabletop (compatible with articulated arms)
Kind Double condenser
Patterns Cardioid, stereo and whisper (proprietary ROCCAT technology)
Connectivity USB-C (USB-A adapter included)
Quality 24 bit / 48 KHz
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 KHz
Spl 110 dB
Additional characteristics Reactive RGB lighting
Physical checks
Activation touch control
Latency-free headphone output
Weight 500 g with stand
290g single microphone
Price 99.99 euros

According to ROCCAT, Torch guarantees content creators that the sound of their voice will always be perfect; With an elegant and modern design, this microphone is also compatible with a wide variety of articulated arms and even spider mounts, so that in addition to placing it on the table with its stand included, you can integrate it without problems in any streaming environment you already have. .

This first ROCCAT microphone features reactive AIMO RGB smart lighting to add a touch of color to live broadcasts, plus its configuration requires no drivers thanks to its USB-C connectivity (a conventional USB Type-A adapter is included) . This microphone goes on sale on August 15, 2021 at a price of 99.99 euros.

“Torch’s signature look, professional-quality performance, and attractive price make it perfect for any streamer or content creator” – said René Korte, founder of ROCCAT and CEO of the company, –“Players see their favorite streamers and are inspired to create their own content; a studio quality microphone is no longer a luxury, it is a must have accessory and we love entering this new category of PC peripherals with Torch and offering such a high performance accessory that it adds to our PC ecosystem.

Torch streaming

The ROCCAT USB Torch Microphone features include a dual condenser design that delivers 24-bit sound with sample quality up to 48KHz, ensuring that the microphone will be able to pick up and relay a wide range of voices and sounds with maximum fidelity and quality. Whether it’s a simple whisper or screaming for the thrill of gaming, Torch delivers quality sound that’s ideal for streaming.

On the other hand, ROCCAT ensures that Torch is designed specifically for streamers and those who want to become content creators; as such, it comes with three predefined pickup patterns to make it very simple and intuitive to use. Users will be able to choose between a cardioid pattern, perfect for gaming and streaming, stereo that is ideal for singing or playing instruments, and ROCCAT’s new patented Whisper mode, which is specially designed to capture whispers and the subtlest sounds without losing any detail. .

Torch also incorporates a myriad of quick and easy-to-use controls so that users have no difficulty in enjoying all its features. In this way, it includes the function of mute the microphone with a single gesture thanks to a touch button, it has a controls mixer that serves to easily tune settings such as the volume control on the fly or switch between the available patterns without having to install not a single driver. Likewise, the microphone includes a 3.5 mm headphone jack to use the Mic Monitoring function without latency, which allows you to hear your own voice.

Roccat torch

This ROCCAT microphone also includes the brand’s famous AIMO lighting; With three independent lighting zones that change color depending on the pattern chosen for recording or the mode selected on the microphone, the optional configuration software is as complete and simple as the rest of the brand’s peripherals.

Of what ROCCAT has not mentioned anything in the technical specifications of this microphone for streaming is whether it has a noise cancellation system, active or passive, so it is a piece of information that for now is unknown but since they do not mention it we can assume you don’t have any technology in place. Yes, they have said that the micro has an anti-pop filter, but since the device is not seen in the product images, we understand that it is internal and that therefore the user should not worry about its maintenance or purchasing a separate one; The anti-pop filter is essential for microphones that are intended to be used to capture voices, since it largely avoids the noise that we all make unconsciously when we expel air through our mouth when we speak and that, although speaking we do not notice it, in a recording be quite noticeable and annoying.

In any case, as we mentioned at the beginning, this microphone is also compatible with articulated arms and spider mounts, but how if the controls and connections are on the base? This is because the microphone also incorporates a second USB-C connector on the body itself that allows it to be used independently. You will only have to unscrew it from the base and change the connector to be able to mount it on any other accessory, since it incorporates a standard size thread that is compatible with the vast majority of audio accessories on the market.

Price and availability

The first microphone from the German manufacturer ROCCAT has already been presented and in this article we echo it, but its availability is dated August 15, 2021 with a recommended price of 99.99 euros. The device can be purchased in the manufacturer’s online store, as well as in the list of usual distributors that sell products from the German firm such as Amazon for example, although it is true that they have not indicated whether the availability date is the arrival date to stores or the date on which shipments will begin.

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