Rocket League Sideswipe is now available for download worldwide

After a first pre-season and closed beta release earlier this month, Rocket League Sideswipe, the first spin-off of Psyonix’s hit game, started its run today worldwide, making it available to users around the world.

As we said, it is about a different version of the game, and not a direct adaptation or crossover game. And the biggest change is that this new version for mobiles will have an exclusively 2D style of play, with much more simplified controls with a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, and two buttons on the right side to perform jumps and stunts, and use the turbo.

Unlike the normal Rocket League, the turbo will regenerate automatically over time, and the cars will not have the possibility of colliding with each other. In addition, although Rocket League Sideswipe is also focused on a competitive scene, in addition to the solo duels we will still have a small multiplayer component, being able to share a track with a friend in two-on-two matches. You can also get rocket league rank boost for an amazing experience.

Although this will not be the only similarity to the original title, since in addition to the standard football mode, We will also have the “Hoops” mode, this reinvention of basketball presented by Rocket League.

On the other hand, curiously the game has an integration with the original Rocket League installment, and is that if we use our Epic Games account to log in, we can gain experience simultaneously for both games. Something that undoubtedly augurs us a possible future greater integration between both titles, possibly with the arrival of exclusive crossed content.

So, currently we can download Rocket League Sideswipe totally free on both iOS and Android systems, although we can find some integrated purchases to unlock cosmetics.

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