Rockstar apologizes for the GTA trilogy: free patches and games

There are many fans who are tremendously disappointed with the final result. And it is that the game they have received is far from being a Definitive Edition. The many bugs, inherited errors and lack of affection in the development of the long-awaited trilogy have fallen like a jug of cold water among fans, so Rockstar has had no choice but to apologize.

An apology hard to forgive

Errors, let’s all comment, but when we talk about a large-caliber company that does not have a big launch in sight and that seems to be solely focused (even with the help of an internal study) on the remastering of three old titles, the least you expect is that things turn out well. But no, GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition It has been a sea of ​​bugs and bad decisions that have disappointed a lot of users.

The developers have been so distracted that they even included files and sections of code that already gave Rockstar problems years ago, something that forced us to withdraw the PC version of this new trilogy for several days, in case we didn’t have enough.

All this maelstrom of events has led Rockstar to make an assessment of what happened and to present an official statement. Through its website, the company admits that the game did not reach stores meeting the company’s quality standards, or as they describe, the standards expected by users.

A patch, never better said

The solution they propose for now is a patch as an update that will arrive in the next few days on all platforms. This update will correct many of the bugs found, although it will fix everything at all. For that we will have to wait for more updates that will be announced progressively, although they have not talked about dates of any kind.

A gift for the inconvenience

Additionally, PC gamers will be rewarded from the classic versions of the games, as the company will give away the original versions of all three games through its platform. Rockstar Launcher, so players will only have to browse their library in the near future to stumble upon the classic versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas completely free.

Players who purchase the trilogy before June 30, 2022 will be able to benefit from this promotion at no additional cost. A measure that is obviously appreciated, but it is annoying not to have seen it from the beginning, and yes after all these events. Either way, apologies are well received, so let’s hope they release the long-awaited patch as soon as possible and we can enjoy these three legendary games as they deserve. And the last thing they deserve is a rain as poorly designed as the one we can see currently in the game. Anyway, let’s hope that everything remains an anecdote. Let’s hope at least all this suffering will make up for it with the release of GTA 6.

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