Rockstar promises improvements and the return to PC of GTA Trilogy

There were many users who waited for the reissue, by Rockstar, of the trilogy formed by GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, in a remastering that we already told you about a few months ago, and that gave us very long teeth when we finally got to see its first official trailer, just a few weeks ago. We were almost at the end of the countdown, which ended last week with the release of the PC and console versions.

Nevertheless, the launch was quickly lackluster, as a result of criticism from many of its buyers, who began to report multiple performance glitches. A few hours later, some users reviewed the code and found from comments that should have been removed by Rockstar developers before publishing the trilogy, to the presence of music tracks that should not be there, but that were not deleted. Many signs pointing in the same direction: quality controls had been conspicuous by their absence.

After detecting these irregularities, Rockstar chose to cut their losses and temporarily closed its online store, to later remove the game from the store. A measure that caused a most curious situation, and that is that users who had bought it legitimately were unable to play it, while those who had downloaded it from the Internet, did not suffer that limitation and, therefore, could continue playing it. normally.

Now, after a few confusing days, Rockstar has finally issued an official statement on the matter of the failed launch, in which the company begins by apologizing for the problems players have experienced, while calling the technical problems of the remasters of the GTA classics unexpected. What is striking is that he qualifies it as unexpected, since apparently the problems have been generalized, and that is what invites us to question the processes of betatesting and quality control that have been applied in this development.

The next thing Rockstar claims is that they are already working on solutions for each of the three titles, indicating that when the planning is fulfilled in this regard, their quality will reach the expected level. And what is deduced from its text is that this process will be staggered, with a first update announced without a specific date, but for «the following days «, And this will bring improvements to each of the three titles.

Additionally, the company also acknowledges receipt of comments, by users, on the classic versions of GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, and the good news is that these will soon return to the Rockstar online store in a pack with all three. In addition, users who buy the remastered version of them (as well as those who have already bought them), which will return to the store soon, they will also get the pack with the three classic versions. Something that I did not expect and that, the truth, I think is a great success on the part of Rockstar.

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