Rockstar steps on the accelerator of GTA VI

indisputably, GTA VI is one of the most anticipated games for years. And it seems incredible, but nine years have passed since its predecessor, GTA V, hit the market. A much longer period than those that occurred between the previous installments of the saga, which is partly justified by the larger size of GTA V (and we hope that also of GTA VI), but that still has us counting the days to fans of the saga.

We had, since February, no news relevant to this future release, but in just 24 hours information has been produced that supposes good, very good news in this regard. And it is that, although there is still a long wait until the arrival of GTA VI, it seems that Rockstar has decided to put the turbo and, if the leaks are confirmed, we would even have a date already planned for its arrival on the market (unless there are delays, Sure).

The news about the acceleration in development is found in Gizchina, which tells us that Rockstar has started an aggressive campaign to hire new workers, with up to 233 offers in Hitmaker, to which open processes would be added by other means. Among the job listings, the company is recruiting professional animation assistants, technical game designers, 3D character artists, photogrammetry artists, and animation system programmers, among others, and with locations in Toronto, Bangalore, New York, and London. .

If this had happened a few months ago, we could chalk it up to the Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV remasters, which the company was working on. However, after the GTA Trilogy fiasco, we recently learned that both projects would have been canceled, to which we must add that the Red Dead Redemption II online would also have been delayed. In other words, all those extra resources would be directed, exclusively, to GTA IV.

And for a few hours this has made more sense, because the alleged statements by an unidentified Rockstar employeewhich would have stated the following:

«Right now we are finalizing all designs, working on bugs, and hiring marketing managers because September through October 2023 will be a busy few months for our marketing teams. In the past, we couldn’t give time estimates for release because they weren’t reliable enough, but today I can 100% confirm that 29th October 2023 will be the release date of GTA VI.

If this date is confirmed, if Rockstar plans to release GTA VI on October 29 next yearit makes sense that a little more than a year from now it intends to strengthen its human infrastructure, since surely there are still many pending works to complete a development that, from what we hope, should leave us speechless.

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