Rocky IV: the trailer of the Director’s Cut reveals the presence of 40 minutes of unreleased scenes

Don’t punch me but I’ve never been a huge fan of the Rocky saga. This seems to be a really exciting time for fans of the character brought to the screen by Sylvester Stallone, with the trailer of the Director’s Cut of Rocky IV, renamed Rocky VS Dragon, which revealed the arrival of over 40 minutes of previously unreleased scenes from the 1985 film.

The trailer for Rocky IV: Rocky VS Drago reveals the addition of many previously unreleased scenes

With a restoration and reassembly of the film overseen entirely by Stallone, the film will debut in overseas cinemas for one night only, the11 November next, to then land on home video to the delight of all Rocky Balboa fans; who can then sit comfortably on the sofa with popcorn for 40 minutes longer than usual.

Here’s the official synopsis of the film, followed by the trailer for the Rocky IV Director’s Cut:

Ivan Drago, Soviet heavyweight champion of the amateur category, arrives in the United States for a performance between him and Rocky Balboa, who has now retired from the ring and gives up. Drago is a giant, but Apollo Creed, Rocky’s ancient adversary already world champion, who hasn’t been in the “ring” for five years, decides to challenge him. Despite his trusty friend Rocky Balboa trying to dissuade him from the very risky undertaking, Apollo wants to try. Instead he will lose his life under the harsh blows of the opponent, whose strength and training are incredible. Rocky then agrees to go to Moscow for Christmas, in order to face Drago himself. While aware of the opponent’s valor, Rocky hopes to honor the memory of Apollo Creed with a victory. He asks and obtains from the Soviet authorities to train in complete secrecy (and with traditional methods) in a rustic, secluded villa in the snow-covered countryside. His coach and Uncle Paulie will accompany him. On the day of the clash, in front of a hostile crowd, including the wives of the two champions, Rocky will be able to get the better of Drago, after fifteen “rounds” of terrible suffering. To the microphones of the radio, still bleeding, Rocky Balboa will pronounce words of peace, addressed to the peoples of the whole world, to the applause of the audience who, at the end of the “match”, had already understood the great sporting and human value of the American boxer.

Here is the trailer:

Unfortunately we know very little about the possible Italian edition of Rocky VS Drago. Its arrival in our local cinemas is not expected at the moment and, as regards the home video edition, this would require a new dubbing due to the unpublished scenes.

We will keep you posted.

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