Rocky Linux, the CentOS replacement now available for Google Cloud

Companies using CentOS have long been eagerly awaiting an operating system that looks like the original version with which they were very happy. The disappointment that some of the changes brought about seems to now have its reward, and that is that Rocky Linux stands as the great successor to CentOS, compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and that offers great advantages.

It was on Google Cloud’s own blog where the news broke that Rocky Linux was already available on the platform. A new distribution model which will mean the replacement of CentOS with changes, but also details that it maintains to the relief of many. It seems that the end of life of CentOS has arrived, so we must prepare ourselves for everything that Rocky Linux is going to offer us.

The advantages offered by Rocky Linux

If there is something that I really liked about CentOS, it was the stability that it offered and that Rocky Linux now recovers. Say goodbye to updates to welcome you to a system that works seamlessly, without surprises, and with security that customers love. This is what many companies are looking for and, now, this new distribution can more than offer it.

Another of the outstanding advantages of Rocky Linux is that it is 100% compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS data can be migrated, if it was still used, without any inconvenience. For this, the “migrate2rocky” tool must be used, which is very intuitive and easy to use. Also, if there is data on other distributions, such as AlmaLinux, it will be possible to migrate without fail.

One last advantage of Rocky Linux is that keep up the open source. This is something that customers value a lot and what they are looking for is to be able to enjoy a successor that far exceeds CentOS. Many professionals were happy with that operating system until changes were made that they didn’t like. Therefore, Rocky Linux stands as an interesting novelty that is drawing many eyes.

Rocky Linux and Google Cloud, two united forces

The fact that Google Cloud has come together to recommend Rocky Linux has been a very positive thing. For this reason, since the communication of the replacement of CentOS, right now this new distribution is for x86-based Compute Engine VM systems. It is expected that, little by little, this will begin to be extended to other systems, although it is an important first step that has not gone unnoticed.

Google Cloud announced performance tweaks, migration tools like the one discussed above, and optimal support for working with Rocky Linux. Those who were satisfied with CentOS will find a high-performance distribution that will exceed their expectations and allow them to get the most out of it. Needs that Rocky Linux will more than cover.

Is Rocky Linux free?

Yes, Rocky Linux is free and it is that it is, as we already mentioned, the successor of CentOS. But, not CentOS with the messed up system that upset those who were happy with the original model, but based on all those traditional features that they liked so much. Therefore, now those who wish can start testing it on Google Cloud to start sharing their impressions.

The truth is that being a new release there is still suspicion and distrust about it. Also, have the very high expectations With respect to this distribution, it can cause it to not fit what was expected later. For this reason, we recommend trying it with an open mind because we are sure that it will surprise you. An operating system that may end up surprising everyone.

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