Role-playing Game of the Year 2021: finalists revealed!

On the occasion of the event Florence Play were announced by the Jury of Role Play of the Year, the five games finalists who will compete for the coveted prize.

The finalist titles are: Broken Compass, Cyberpunk Red, Kids & Legends, The Cthulhu Hack And Unglorious.

Here are the finalists of the Role-playing Game of the Year 2021

In this 2021 which sees the return of the Lucca Comics & Games in attendance (and tickets for the weekend have already sold out!) one of the most awaited appointments by role players can not miss: the awarding of the best RPG of the year.

Today, 25 September, on the occasion of the Firenze Gioca, the Jury therefore revealed the titles of the five finalist games:

Broken Compass – Adventure Journal (Two Little Mice): RPGs thanks to which we will be able to play the role of Adventurers, men and women of action who travel the world facing dangers, searching for disappeared cities and exploring the tropical parts of the world to find, obtain or discover priceless treasures. It uses a game system called Fortune System: we rely on the use of a small pool of six-sided dice to determine the outcome of all tests involving risks or unexpected events.

Cyberpunk Red (Need Games!): RPG manual that follows Cyberpunk 2020, the RPG ad cyberpunk setting par excellence. In this setting, the player characters will move around the world between the end of the 4th corporate war (around 2022) and 2077. The role-playing game takes place in the time frame immediately preceding the setting of the Cyberpunk 2077 videogame.

Kids & Legends (Asmodee): Kids & Dragons was born as a role-playing game for girls and boys (and parents) who have never role-played, with an ambitious and noble promise: make anyone able to play immediately, without manuals to study, calculations to do, just with fun and sharing unforgettable experiences!

The Cthulhu Hack (MS Edizioni): role-playing game by investigation which pits ordinary people against monsters and gods created by HP Lovecraft’s mind. Based on the game system The Black Hack; thanks to its immediacy it is also a product suitable for introducing newbies to the practice of role playing.

Unglorious (MS Edizioni): it is an RPG, as defined by the author himself, of a fantastic post-mortem genre. In Unglorious, in fact, the players take on the role of adventurers (very little heroic and now deceased) of a fantasy universe, who find themselves in the Garden, a world of passage between the afterlife and the lands of the dead.

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