Rollable LG OLED arrives in August and will be worth a Tesla Model X

A Smart TV that disappears

We’ve seen prototype televisions roll up for a long time. OLED technology was doomed to offer this format sooner or later, and today we can finally say that it is a reality, since LG’s website in the United States is offering the possibility of reserving a unit of the OLED R, the spectacular advanced engineering project that completely changes the concept of television.

We are facing a 65-inch Smart TV with OLED technology that could well pass for one of the current models that we can find on the market, although if technology would be equivalent to that of the CX range, so we would not be facing the latest technology available. However, its main peculiarity is that when it is turned off it rolls up like a blind or a projection screen to leave only a drawer as a shelf or base unit.

Taking advantage of its peculiarity

LG Signatures Series OLED TV R

In addition to making the 65-inch TV functions, the manufacturer thought that the user could use only part of the screen to poke out the panel and use the device as a photo frame, music player or screen with weather information when not is using. Thus, the screen will only peek a little and give life to the so called Line View.

It is a way to take advantage of the spectacular sound system that it includes, since with Dolby Atmos technology it will offer a sound experience worthy of the Signature range to which it belongs. Among the technical features, we will find HDMI 2.1 ports, Dolby Vision, 120 Hz refresh rate in 4K, variable refresh rates and low automatic latency, details that will be ideal for use with next-generation consoles.

When is the rollable OLED worth?

LG Signatures Series OLED TV R

But it’s time for the final roll. LG has announced that it will open the reservation period for its new OLED R next August, however, it seems that from today on the web is allowing the model to be included in the shopping cart, so reservations may already have started.


This is something that we have not been able to verify for ourselves, since the price of this television is $ 100,000That is, you could practically buy 70 OLED Smart TVs that you can buy today in stores for the price of the roller model. With this television it could be the case that the screen would cost more than the house in which it is located, but taking into account the profile for which it is intended, something tells us that this will not happen. Will we ever see this technology available to mortals? Let’s hope so.

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