Rotate a table in Word to fit your document

In which in these times and because of how advanced software is today, a program like the text editor Microsoft Word it should offer multiple additional functions. In this case we are talking about what could be considered the benchmark for office software. Therefore, a good part of the features that we find here will help us solve multiple problems that we would have in other solutions.

It is true that we spoke text editor, and as its name suggests, the program focuses on editing and creating this content. However, as expected, Word goes much further when it comes to working with other additional content. This will allow us to greatly enrich the documents we create here for later use. It is worth mentioning that, after creating a new file in this program, in addition to the usual texts, we can add images, videos, graphics or boards.

In fact, next, we are going to talk about a utility that you can carry out with these last mentioned types. And it is that the use of tables in the documents of the Microsoft editor is the order of the day. What’s more, the program itself offers us a special and quite complete function when it comes to create and manage these types of elements. It goes without saying that they will help us to expose a multitude of information in a much more structured and clear way.

But depending on the structure of the rest of the document, or simply for aesthetic reasons, sometimes we will need flip that board In its whole. In this way we manage to adapt it to the rest of the content and make the appearance of the whole more pleasant or functional.

Rotate one in Word to fit the document

For all this that we are looking for, the first thing we must do is create the content in the form of a table as such. This is something that we can carry out in a simple way from the Insert / Table menu option. This will allow us define the rows and columns that will be part of this element to then fill it with our data that will be part of the document. First of all, it is important to know that here we have many design and creation functions for these tables that we are commenting on.

insert word table

But what really interests us in this case is how turn it the degrees we want to place it perfectly on the current sheet. The first thing we should know here is that the program does not offer us a specific function for turning these elements. It is something that we will have to carry ourselves by hand, as we will see below. In order to be able to turn and adapt this tablethe first thing we do is copy it.

This is something that we achieve by simply marking it and right-clicking on it to choose the copy option. Next, we paste this content into any photo editing program like Paint, GIMP either Photoshop. In order to achieve the goal we are looking for now, we will have to save that new content in the form of an image file. Once we have it on the hard drive, we return to Word and in this case we opt for the option of Insert / Image menu.

At that moment the table will be added to our program document and we will be able to rotate it just by dragging the mouse to one side or the other. It is evident that from that moment we will no longer have the opportunity to edit the data contained herein.

rotate table word

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