Routing error causes blackout in South Korean operator KT initially attributed to DDoS attack

The oSouth Korean telecom operator KT has suffered early in the day a blackout that you have shut down your entire network for about an hour. Its customers, according to Zdnet, have not been able to access the Internet for 40 minutes. In addition, the users of its network have not been able to use credit cards, or carry out transactions or access their online apps during that period. Some of its main product sales websites have also been down during the blackout, which several sources have initially attributed to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

However, according to Reuters, the company has stated that the failure in the network actually due to a “routing problem”, and not to a cyberattack as they suspected at first. They then assumed that it was a DDoS attack “because of the traffic overload, but after further analysis, we have determined that the cause was a routing failure.”

According to the South Korean Ministry of Science and Information Technology, network services were restored an hour after the blackout began, and the majority of KT users in the country have now regained Internet access. During the attack, users of SK Telecom and LG Uplus, other operators, have complained on social networks that these operators have also suffered network failures.

According to spokespersons for both companies, their network failures were due to a sharp increase in traffic from KT users, who were switching to their services during the KT outage. Both SK Telecom and LG Uplus have assured that they are closely following the situation.

At first, even KT spokesmen had stated that the blackout was due to a DDoS attack on a large scale. Also that the company’s crisis management team was working to return the network to its normal state.

The incident had even involved the federal police and the Minister of Science and Information Technology, who were collaborating with the operator. The minister did not confirm at any time that the attack was due to a DDoS attack, although he did say that the other two main telecommunications providers in the country, the aforementioned SK Telecom and LG Uplus, were not affected.

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