RPG Maker Unite wants to be the best program to create role-playing games

There is an increasing number of users who are no longer just limited to enjoying their favorite games, but also want to create their own projects. If you are one of them and you are especially interested in the rpg genre or role, surely you are interested in what we are going to tell you about RPG Maker Unite.

We tell you all this because this application specially indicated for these tasks called RPG Maker Unite, is improving ostensibly. Now its top managers have just published a series of data and screenshots of the new video game development program that will surprise many. Here you can already see the full HD resolution support of the tool for creating role-playing games. And that’s not all, since it will also come with a renewed user interface and a couple of pre-designed characters as a sample.

We must bear in mind that here we are talking about the first program in the series that natively supports Full HD resolution. This is something that its users have been requesting for a long time and that now translates into a native FHD resolution of 1920 × 1080 dots. As you can imagine with all this what we are going to achieve is that our projects look better than ever on screen.

It is true that relatively recently one of the great concerns of using these high resolutions was the added load for game creators. However, technology is constantly evolving, which is why these developers ask to be able to work with higher resolutions, as is now the case in RPG Maker Unite.

Advantages of the new RPG Maker Unite

As you can imagine, the power develop our role-playing games with a higher resolution, will bring us some interesting advantages. For starters, it’s worth noting that by using a higher native resolution, games will be sharper, more colorful, and more vivid than ever before. This opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of development freedom and all this without having to type a single line of code.

One of the elements that will benefit the most from all of this are the details of our projects. For example, this way we achieve more natural shadows and that these are more pronounced than before. Something common in this type of role-playing games are the battles. Well, with these new features of RPG Maker Unite and its high resolution, we achieve graphics here with much sharper colors and scenes loaded with details more noticeable to players.

To all this, which we commented on and which is clearly part of the content creation from here, there are more news. Among them we can also highlight that we will find a Completely revamped user interface and user experience. All this will allow us to unleash our imagination and creativity when creating our games in an optimal way and adapted to the times.

This new interface uses a more modern tab-based design. This allows the simultaneous editing of multiple parameters for greater efficiency in the work we carry out. In turn, RPG Maker Unite comes with a sample game as an example to see how the tool works. Its launch will take place throughout this year and we can enjoy it through the Steam store.

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