RSV Outsourcing transforms into Remoters to boost remote talent

RSV Outsourcing transforms in Remoters in order to help ecommerce build remote computers made up of between five and fifty people. The promotion of PIM (Product Information Management) and SAC (Customer Service) is among the functions of the company specialized in remote work.

This launch also seeks to strengthen the best value proposition. «With Remoters, we seek to highlight the values ​​of our company. We are a young and modern, professional and reliable brand. The change of name and the new image, involves a leap in the modernization of the brand under the premises of deepening quality control, implementation of processes and giving continuity to work with dynamic structures.tomicasSmart structures) », says Paul Dedyn, CEO of Remoters.

«The renovation emphasizes our commitment to strive toíaddíto offer the best service. As we always say, with our teams, ecommerce in this time has grown exponentially and can focus on other tasks to doton grow your business while we take care of efficiently consolidating the information of your stores so that they increase their sales, while, with our services, they save time and money«, toñade, Paz Madina, Chief Revenue Officer of Remoters.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, in 2021 certain partometers changed. «Among other things, the experience of these months resulted in a greater confidence in remote, decentralized, objective and borderless work with a significant increase in online consumption«says Paul Dedyn.

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Currently, Remoters processes 195,000 tickets (SAC); 350,000 references (PIM); performs 900,000 image retouching for products and 52,000 pricing procedures as core tasks. This is approximately 20 times the normal volume of a top-ecommerce per month. The company plans double this volume for 2022 as well as your billingn.

«From the orígenes, our company focuses on remote work with the best teams to solve all the needs of an ecommerce. We were always Remoters, now we choose to call ourselves what we are. Being Remoters isto in our DNA, reflects our essence mtos deep. We are a bridge that unites the skills and expertise of our talent with the needs of the ecommerce that summon us », I knowñwing Dedyn.

Ecommerce growth

This renewal of the brand occurs in a context of growth of ecommerce in Spain: 36% in 2020, according toorn Profitable Ecommerce, and 24% this 2021, according to Info Retail. The truth is that online commerce isto scaling in all regions of the world, as detailed by Smart Insights: I grew upor 36.7% in Américh Latina, 31.8% in North Americaandrich and 26.4% in the regionn Asia-Pacificphyco, reaching a 27.6% reactivationn global in 2020.

When electronic commerce began to expand on a large scale and ecommerce to be part of the way to buy of the Spanish, Paul Dedyn founded RSV Outsourcing in 2018. Supported by the mtos seven years of experience in remote work and digital platforms to operate remotely achieved in the management of Nubelo, which startedor what was knownor like job 3.0 and which was sold to Freelancer in 2017.

Since its inception, the current Remoters, has positioned itselfor as a reference for the ecommerce world on the pillars of remote talent, specialized and accessible. The essence of the brand lies in assembling the best work teams so that ecommerce can have cattoUp-to-date and complete logos, their original product files, customer tickets resolved and that the loading of the information ceases to be an issue to be an opportunity for development and differentiation.n.

Paul Dedyn, CEO of the compañía, ensures that, the new name and the new identity, «they reflect and reinforce the position we have and we turn to the market. We are the benchmark company in offering quality remote equipment services for the ecommerce industry ».

Currently there are already 250 remoters those who work without borders from Amandrica Latina providing an excellent service to support ecommerce in Spain in its development.

Their teams have specific knowledgeíin the sector in which they work, iston available to attend e-commerce inquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a yearíace of the year. They work in a coordinated and committed way to help their mtos of 50 active clients, part of the top300 ecommerce in Spain, develop, boost their sales and grow.

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