RTX 3000: Nvidia ensures that there will be more stock available by July 2022

Colette Kross, CFO of Nvidia, says RTX 3000 stocks will be replenished by half of the year. Although demand is still very strong, the firm will be able to increase its production by July, according to her. A delay that would suit the latter, which should launch the RTX 4000, its new generation of graphics cards, in the same period.

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After a more than difficult year 2021, Nvidia is finally optimistic. However, Colette Kross, CFO of the firm, recognizes that it took a struggle to get there. “We have seen a strong demand for GeForce throughout 2021”, she reports in an interview. “And it continues to remain strong, stronger even than the stocks we can offer. The demand for the holiday season, for example, was quite strong, especially in laptops ”.

She also explains that while 2021 has been a pivotal year for video games, 2022 promises to be just as exciting. She takes as proof the recent record broken by Steam by hosting 28 million players simultaneously, or “Creating momentum for creative Metaverse-type applications”. But to keep up the pace, more graphics cards will soon be needed on the market. On this subject, Colette Kross believes that stocks will be higher by July 2022.

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Towards the end of the RTX 3000 shortage in 2022 N

“We have seen fairly meager production levels from our suppliers, and we are working with our partners to increase inventory availability. We are optimistic about our supply situation for the second half of 2022 ”, says Colette Kross. Good news that it will be necessary to be careful not to take too literally. A few months earlier, the firm announced that stockouts would continue throughout 2022.

Nevertheless, the situation could well improve in the coming months. Prices are already down (very) slightly in January, and demand for RTX 3000s could be eased by the arrival of RTX 4000s next July. Is the correlation between Colette Kross’ forecasts and the launch date of graphics cards a coincidence? Maybe not.

One thing is certain, the threat of cryptominers will still loom over the market in the next 6 months. The CFO is also fully aware of this: “We believe that our process on low hash rate cards for GeForce, also with our CMP product, has been an effective strategy in orienting GeForce to the offering of other gamers. However, the hash rate of new cryptocurrencies has increased and we are seeing several different sources of it. “

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