RTX 3000: Nvidia unveils DLDSR, its technology that improves low-resolution graphics

The next RTX 3000 driver update will bring a new technology to PC gamers: DLDSR. Similar to DLSS, however, the latter does the opposite. The process, called downscaling, consists of AI computing a higher resolution and then reverting to the configured one. This makes it possible to erase certain perfections and improve the graphics.

For some time now, PC players have benefited from so-called upscaling technologies which, thanks to AI, have made it possible to display higher resolutions than those allowed by their graphics cards. At Nvidia, we are entitled to DLSS, while FSR has recently arrived at AMD. These are extremely powerful and drastically change the way you enjoy a game, for example by reaching 8K on recent titles.

So, inevitably, when Nvidia announces its new downscaling technology, one can quickly wonder what fly stung it. But, on closer inspection, the latter is not a hoax. Baptized Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution (DLDSR), it will make its debut on January 14th. In the meantime, the manufacturer has explained the principle, ultimately quite simple.

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DLDSR, what is it for?

The idea remains the same: improve the rendering of games at a given resolution. In theory, the process is similar. Just like DLSS, DLDSR will take a given resolution, say 1080p, and AI will compute a higher resolution, say 1440p. But the technology does not stop there, since then, it displays the image again in 1080p.

Why ? If in appearance the rendering does not change fundamentally, this technique makes it possible to smooth out the few flaws, especially in terms of anti-aliasing, while increasing the quality of shadows and textures. The benefit for the player is therefore complete: he will be able to enjoy his game in better conditions even if his PC cannot display it in Ultra HD.

What’s more, just like AMD’s RSR announced a few days ago, the technology will be available through a simple update of the drivers. For anyone with an RTX 3000 graphics card, go to January 14 to find out what’s in her stomach.

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