RTX 3000, RX 6000 graphics card prices dropped 11% in February 2022

The price of graphics cards has been falling almost constantly since the beginning of the year. Rather slight in January, the difference was 11%, all the same, in February. Very good news for players, but which hides a less joyful reality: the prices remain much higher than the recommended prices.

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After a very difficult 2021, the skies seem to be clearing above the graphics cards. Indeed, it has been several weeks since the price of the RTX 3000 and RX 6000 are falling. Not really to the point of displaying acceptable prices, far from it, but all the same. The slight drop in prices in Europe in January was enough to raise hopes among players. Especially since this continues todayat even higher levels.

Thus, on eBay, we observe an average price drop of 11%. While Nvidia’s RTX 3090 cost $2,609 in January, it sold for around $2,340 the following month. Same observation for the RTX 3080 Ti which passed from 1874 dollars to 1721 dollars within weeks, as well as the RTX 3080 which is now priced at $1440, down from $1613 at the start of the year.

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Graphics card prices drop 11% in February

At AMD too, the trend is downward. Today, the Radeon RX 6900 XT can be found for $1421, while the RX 6800 is available for $1176. The RX 6600 XT, meanwhile, retails for $570, a slight improvement from January when it was priced at $610. In short, there is better in the sector which has suffered greatly from the shortage of components and the greed of cryptocurrency miners.

Only here, said shortage is still far from over. Although Nvidia has promised more stock available by July 2022, it will have to redouble its efforts to reach the sacrosanct prices recommended by the manufacturers. However, for the moment, the situation does not show any particular sign of improvement. As usual for more than a year, patience, therefore.

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