RTX 3090 Ti: Nvidia fails to manufacture the graphics card, but resellers still display it at 4000€

Impossible at this stage to predict when Nvidia will officially launch the RTX 3090 Ti. Presented at CES 2022, it was initially to be available in January. Since then, the manufacturer has given no news. This does not prevent several resellers from offering it at exorbitant prices.

RTX 3090 Ti
Credit: Nvidia

It’s been almost a month since Nvidia lifted the veil on its upcoming RTX 3090 Ti. The promise was then to say the least enticing: quite simply the most powerful graphics card of the brand, it would also be available in the days, perhaps weeks to come. Only here, Nvidia deliberately remained vague on the exact release date of its mastodon. It is hardly if he announces half-word that this one is scheduled for January. Some rumors point to the 27th.

Here we are on February 3, 2022, and still no trace of the RTX 3090 Ti. No explanation from Nvidia. To understand what is happening, it is necessary, as often, to turn to the leakers. Two weeks ago, we already learned that the manufacturer was encountering production problems with the BIOS and other components. Today, Youtubeur Moore’s Law Is Dead provides a little more detail.

Nvidia is unable to produce enough RTX 3090s

According to his information, Nvidia would not have not enough Ampere GA102 GPU to produce enough RTX 3090 Ti and thus avoid the shortages that have plagued all RTX 3000s for over a year. As a reminder, this GPU also equips the RTX A6000. One would therefore think that the manufacturer would have the necessary stocks for its latest model. However, the RTX 3090 Ti’s GPU is slightly different in that it will be used to its full capacity. And this is precisely where the shoe pinches.

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But then, why did Nvidia show off the graphics card at CES 2022 if the production issues were already there? Why not wait until later in the year, for example after the refresh of the RX 6000 planned by AMD to retaliate? The question remains unresolved for the time being. However, this does not prevent resellers from offering the RTX 3090 Ti. Some do not even hesitate to display prices exceeding 4000 dollars.

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