RTX 4000: Nvidia will present its super-powerful graphics cards this fall

According to Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, the presentation of the new Lovelace architecture, used on its next GPUs, could take place at the start of the school year during GTAC 2022. In any case, this is what he told shareholders. of the company during a conference call. What to consider in the wake of a formalization of the RTX 4000?

Credits: Nvidia

As you probably know, Nvidia has been working on its new GPU architecture for a year already. Codenamed Lovelace, this new technical base will be used on the next green team graphics cards, namely the RTX 4070, 4080 and 4090.

According to the first rumors about them, these new GPUs will show a considerable increase in powerwith impressive frequencies of 2235 MHz in base and 2520 MHz in Boost for the RTX 4090. In other words and if this data turns out to be correct, this is a 60% Base rate increase.

A presentation of the Lovelace architecture at GTC 2022

Only, Nvidia has still not officially presented its new architecture, not to mention its future GPUs. However, we could well have something new very soon, if we are to believe the statements of the CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang to the shareholders of the group during the last presentation of the company’s financial results.

We We will overcome this situation over the next few months and approach the next year with this new architecture”, assures the boss of Nvidia, who makes reference to the slowdown in the market for GPUs dedicated to video games. He then adds: “I can’t wait to say more about it at the GTC next month”. As you will have understood, this little sentence confirms that Nvidia is preparing to unveil the Lovelace architecture during the GTC (GPU Technology Conference), likely September 20, 2022, company conference date.

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The RTX 4000 could land in stride

However, and as our colleagues from The Verge, the presentation of the Lovelace architecture does not necessarily mean that the RTX 4000s intended for the public will be revealed in stride. Regarding the Ampere architecture, Nvidia first unveiled the version used for data center GPUs, before lifting the veil on the RTX 3000 a month later.

In contrast, the RTX 2000s were introduced to the public shortly after the Turing architecture was revealed in 2018. In other words, it will be a bit of a surprise, but either way, there won’t be long to wait once the Lovelace architecture is formalized.

A forced cohabitation between RTX 3000 and 4000

Another important point raised by the American media, Nvidia plans to have the RTX 3000 and 4000 coexist. Indeed, Nvidia now has a large stock of Ampere cards on its hands, after having drastically increased production to meet demand. Results, the company has no choice but to lower the prices to give resellers a chance to clear inventory before the next generation of GPUs arrive. This is why it is possible to find RTX 3000s at acceptable prices, close to those recommended by Nvidia.

It should also be remembered that demand has decreased significantly in recent months, with consumers not seeing the point of investing in an RTX 3000 when the launch of the RTX 4000 is near. Either way, this is great news for gamers, who will likely be able to pick up an RTX 3000 for less once the next-gen GPU hits the market.

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