RTX 4090 Ti: what if Nvidia had unwittingly revealed the performance of its high-end GPU?

If Nvidia officially presented the RTX 4080 and 4090, the mystery remains unsolved concerning the RTX 4090 Ti, the future flagship of the green team. Nevertheless, by revealing all the specifics of the AD102 chip, Nvidia may have unwittingly given us a glimpse of the power of its next high-end GPU.

nividia rtx geforce 4090 ti
Credits: Nvidia

As you probably know, Nvidia took advantage of GTC 2022 to unveil its new graphics cards, namely the RTX 4000. For now, the green team has presented only two GPUs:

  • the RTX 4080, in 12 and 16 GB of RAM, announced as being 2 to 4 times more powerful than the RTX 3080 Ti
  • the RTX 4090

Regarding the latter, it looks like a monster of power. Nvidia has confirmed that it uses the brand new GPU chip from the manufacturer, namely the AD102 chip. This chip, engraved in 4 nm by TSMC, embeds no less than 76.3 billion transistors, 18,342 Cuda cores, 576 Tensor cores in Gen 4, and 144 Ray-Tracing cores in Gen 3. We also know that it is coupled with 384-bit GDDR6X video memory while PCI Express management is on 16x in 4.0.

Importantly, Nvidia has confirmed that the RTX 4090 will not exploit the full capabilities of the AD102 chip. However, you should know that there are still at least two GPUs missing in this new generation: namely the RTX 4070 and the RTX 4090 Ti. For the moment, that’s total mystery regarding these two cards.

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First clues about the power of the RTX 4090 Ti

Nevertheless, it is possible to have a glimpse of the power offered by the RTX 4090 Ti by looking closely at the specifics of the AD102 chip. As explained by our colleagues on the site TechRadarthe RTX 4090 will have 16,384 CUDA cores, while the AD102 chip has a maximum potential of 18,434 CUDA cores, a 71% increase over the GA102 chip in the RTX 3090 Ti.

Knowing that the RTX 4090 will have the full 24 GB of VRAM offered by the AD102 means that we can expect a performance increase of around 12.5% if nothing else is changed. In itself, this is honest and this estimate is in the middle, since the RTX 3090 Ti was between 10 to 15% more powerful than the 3090 in the vast majority of areas (video games, calculation, etc.).

We also know that the RTX 4090 uses the maximum clock frequency of the AD102, which is 2.52 GHz. Fact, the 4090 Ti should not show a higher boost frequencyunless Nvidia has a new AD101 chip on the way.

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