Rumors soar thanks to Lisa Jackson: Event in September

In the last quarter of the year there is always an Apple event in which the news for the following year is presented. This year it is expected to be mid-September, but things are not very clear. There may or may not be an event that only depends on the American company. But it seems that there will be. At least that is how the new rumors that emerged as a result of the Twitter profile picture change from Vice President Lisa Jackson.

Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, has raised all the alarms of the rumors about whether or not there will be an Apple event in September. Rumors indicate that yes, it was even mentioned that it could be done on two approximate dates. The 14th or the 21st. But the whole roast is not in the oven so it is not known exactly.

A change in the profile photo of the vice president indicates that there could be such an event. The why? because the background that presides over the profile photo. The setting for Jackson’s impromptu image is an ensemble that appears regularly at Apple Event performances, which It consists of a room with concentric circles on the ceiling.

Lisa jackson

The smartest have put the dots together and decided that the image had been made while he was recording his part of the presentation of the event. That is why they think it will be in September and that is why the forums of the largest Apple fans are fuming over this theory. U.S We can only say that it is quite likely that there will be that event in September. In recent years it has been like that and Apple has not failed. The new iPhone must be presented. Another case is the new Macs, which gives me the impression that we will have to wait more.

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