Run! Complete these courses for free and receive a certificate from Google

Still many users go to physical classrooms to receive their technological training, although this is not always necessary. With this, what we want to tell you is that thanks to the internet we have the possibility of training in a multitude of fields from the comfort of home. This is the case of these free courses that we can receive from Google and also with our personalized certificate, as we will see.

Largely thanks to the current connections we have, something that many of you have verified in recent months, we can receive our classes through the internet. For all this, a series of applications and platforms especially suitable have been developed that offer us everything we need. In fact, many centers and companies already launch their own training courses directly online, without the need for face-to-face classes.

It is worth mentioning that this could initially represent significant savings for both students and those who teach the classes. That is why on certain occasions it is worth highlighting some specific courses, as is the case at hand. And it is that in these same lines we are going to talk about a series of free courses provided by Google itself. In addition, to all this, we can add that once they are completed, we will be able to receive an official certificate from the search giant. As you can imagine, the objective of all this can be the most varied.

Whether for personal growth, for improve our knowledge, or to find a job, these courses can be of help to us. In addition, the official Google certificate It is a title that must be taken into account by certain companies.

google certification

Don’t miss out on these free Google certified courses

The first thing we should know and as you can imagine, the free courses that we are talking about now can be carried out online. At first all we will do is access the website where they are offered. If we focus, we find all the proposed courses here, the courses with certification, we will see that there are a total of four. These are the ones we describe below:

  • Digitize your business step by step with Google tools: here we find a course that lasts an hour and a half, made up of two modules. It will help us when it comes to digitizing our business in the best way. For this we must know the tools that Google makes available to us.
  • Protect your Business: Cybersecurity in Teleworking: on the other hand, very useful in these times, this other course allows us to work in the safest way. All this thanks to the Activa Ciberseguridad program promoted by the General Secretariat of Industry. This has a total duration of two hours and is divided into four modules we want to go through.
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals: As its name suggests, this alternative will allow us to become digital marketing professionals. Say that this is a somewhat longer course than the commented ones. It lasts 40 hours and has a total of 26 modules to achieve the objectives we seek in this case.
  • Digital skills for professionals– The fourth of the certificate courses focuses on getting the most out of our digital skills in our professional environment. It focuses on the use of the operating system, the security solutions available for correct treatment of the information.

Additionally, it is worth noting that in addition to these four courses with Google certification, we have many others on the aforementioned web. It offers us a series of filters to locate the content that interests us more quickly. In this way we find courses related to the phishing, promoting digital companies, working with clients through mobile devices, creating online campaigns, basic programming principles or how to improve our productivity.

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