Runs! If you have not made it this far in Fortnite, you will have thrown your money away

Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 will end on December 3 as we can in the details of the battle pass. A few days ago, Fortnite announced that, unlike the previous season finale, this time there will be an event, an event that will lead to a new map as usual with the presentation of each new chapter. But what about the battle pass?

When a season ends, if we have not completed all the levels, at least the first 100 we will not be able to recover the investment that we have done in the pass, since, as we all know, this has a cost of 950 Vacs and allows us to obtain up to 1,500 Vacs to buy the next battle pass and, with the rest, give ourselves some other whim. If we do not complete it, not only are we not going to get the skins and turkeys, but also, we are not going to have the opportunity to get them, since another new battle pass will be introduced and if we do not have enough turkeys for not having completed the previous, we will not be able to buy it. It should be remembered that, since the launch of this title, each chapter has been made up of 10 seasons. In this case, chapter 3 has only had 4 seasons, so the rumors about the reasons for this decision are the most varied.

Complete the battle pass

For several weeks, Fortnite has included a large number of missions that give a lot of experience such as the one of the Punk Chrome or as the missions of Paradise. In addition, with the Chrome Punk mission, we can get a skin for free, as long as we go up 50 levels before the end of the season. The missions of the Herald, it will also allow us to earn a lot of XP in addition to obtaining the skin of this character. We also can’t forget about the High Octane missions, based on the game Rocket League.

fortnite missions

Also, if we don’t have a lot of free time to play, we can just focus on completing the weekly quests, weekly quests. By carrying out the weekly missions, we can take the opportunity to complete the daily missions with which we can get 45,000 XP. In this way, by spending a little less than an hour a day, we will complete the battle pass up to at least level 100.

What we expect from chapter 4 of Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 4

There are many rumors that point to what Epic Games could add to Fortnite with the launch of Chapter 4. On the one hand, various sources suggest that a first person modeobviously without construction mode and that would be available apart from the third-person mode without construction, to expand the number of users who only play this type of game and that is available in PUBG, Apex Legends and Warzone.

Another of the important changes that will come from chapter 4 is in the creative mode, a mode that will allow you to create any type of game offering an experience very similar to Roblox. Although it is true that this option is already available in the creative mode of Fortnite, this new mode offered users some possibilities that are currently very limited in this mode, giving creators complete freedom to create their own games within from Fortnite.

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