Russia accuses Meta and TikTok of LGBT propaganda and imposes new fine

Russia accuses Meta (ex-Facebook) and TikTok of spreading LGBT content. According to Russian justice, the two social networks violate the law intended to repress homosexuality in the country. The two firms will have to pay a fine, the amount of which is ridiculous.

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This Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Russia imposed a fine on the Meta group, which includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Vladimir Putin’s regime accuses the American group of propagate LGBT content in violation of the law against “propaganda” homosexuality in force in the country.

Promulgated in 2013 by the Russian President, this legislation prohibits any act of “propaganda” homosexual in front of minors. Federal law prides itself on protecting the youngest from “information harmful to their health and development”. Despite fervent condemnations from the international community, the legislation still applies.

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A derisory fine for Meta and TikTok

By decision of the Russian justice, Meta will therefore have to paya fine of four million rubles (about 50,200 euros at the current rate) for not deleting LGBT posts. Given the company’s annual turnover, this sanction should not affect its position.

This is not the first sanction imposed on Meta by Russia in recent months. Recently, the Kremlin even banned the group’s two social networks, Facebook and Instagram, from its territory. Considering the two platforms as terrorist and extremist organizations, Moscow banned their use in Russia. The regime resented Meta’s refusal to remove posts that show the truth about the war in Ukraine. This ban was also issued following the ousting of Russian media from Facebook.

At the same time, a Moscow court has fined the TikTok platform, subsidiary of the Chinese group ByteDance and favorite social network for 18-25 year olds. Again, Russia believes the app is spreading LGBT content, which violates Russian law intended to protect children. The Chinese group will have to pay a fine of two million rubles, or approximately 25,000 euros. Again, this sanction is not likely to shake the leaders.

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