Russia prohibits the purchase of foreign software for its critical infrastructure

The Russian President Vladimir Putinha forbidden according to The Register the purchase of foreign softwareboth the one that is sold independently and the code that accompanies the hardware and network equipment, for your critical infrastructure projects important. Of course, with some exceptions, although very few.

From now on, companies must seek approval before they can buy software abroad for this level of infrastructure. Putin has also prohibited public agencies, among others, use foreign software from January 1, 2025. It is a measure that seeks to promote the technological independence of Russia.

These new standards appear in an order, entitled “On measures to ensure technological independence and security of critical infrastructure of the Russian Federation«, signed by Putin this week and which entered into force at the end of March. Its text details the instructions for Russian government agencies to clarify their software requirements related to the main critical infrastructures within a maximum period of one month. Also so that they adopt norms to approve the purchase of the foreign software that they need.

In addition, the regulations ask the Russian government to set up a group focused on the development, production and maintenance of trusted software and hardware for critical infrastructure projects. It also gives the government six months to take several measures: promote the use of domestic radio and telecommunications equipment in critical infrastructure sites and establish a control and monitoring regime, as well as ensure that trained personnel are available to manage the planned reliable technology. .

Several foreign software tools are already hard enough to find in Russia after many European and US tech companies suspended sales to the country to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or at best support existing customers.

On the other hand, Russia is going to allow what are known as parallel imports, that is, the importation of products without the authorization of a brand owner, in response to multinational brands that have withdrawn their products from Russia due to the war. The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustinstated that the end of the rule on the purchase of goods in parallel markets is made to satisfy the Russian demand for brands that cannot be sold in the country without the permission of those who have their rights.

With this, and with the increase in companies dedicated to importing goods, they also expect prices to drop and competition to be favored. Among the products approved to be purchased through this parallel market are designer brands, movies, television shows, medicines and games. It is unclear whether the software, which is already heavily pirated in Russia, will be affected.

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