Ryzen 6000 Mobile: AMD announces new processors for laptops 30% more powerful than the Ryzen 5000

At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, AMD unveiled its new series of Ryzen 6000 notebook processors. This uses an optimized Zen 3+ architecture and is the first to be engraved in 6 nm.

Credit: AMD

AMD has just lifted the veil on its new Ryzen 6000 Mobile, the first chips for laptops engraved in 6 nm. These use a new Zen 3+ architecture which is now compatible with most of the new technologies on the market. We find in particular the memory DDR5 RAM up to 4800 MT / s, L’USB4 for transfers up to 40 Gbps, the Wi-Fi 6E, the Bluetooth LE 5.2, PCI-E Gen 4, AMD FreeSync, HDR Pipeline,HDMI 2.1, the DisplayPort 2.0 as well as the video codec AV1.

The processors for laptops are as every year divided into two categories, the Ryzen H-Series for gaming PCs and the Ryzen U-Series for thinner computers. Unlike processors from previous years, Ryzen 6000 chips abandon Vega APU in favor of RDNA2, the same architecture found in the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Ryzen 6000 Mobile (2)
Credit: AMD

AMD promises twice the performance on the graphics part compared to the previous generation. Up to 12 GPU cores will be found this year, compared to 8 on the Ryzen 5000. As the chips now use the RDNA2 architecture, they are compatible with ray-tracing technology. The processors also support the technology FidelityFX Super Resolution which allows to increase the number of FPS by almost 50% on certain titles like Far Cry 6 or Call Of Duty Vanguard.

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Ryzen 6000 H-Series chips with frequencies that reach 5.0 GHz

AMD did not specify the different models of Ryzen 6000 during its conference, but our colleagues at VideoCardz have already been able to get their hands on a slide presenting all the new references. We learn in particular that the H series is made up of 8 Ryzen 6000 processors.

AMD Ryzen 6000 Mobile Series
Credit: VideoCardz

First of all, we find the entry level with the processors Ryzen 5 6600HS and 6600H, both of which offer 6 cores and 12 threads, a 4.5GHz boost rate, 19MB cache, and 6 GPU cores at 1.9GHz. We then find the Ryzen 7 5800HS and 5800H more powerful with 8 cores and 16 threads. The processors offer boost frequencies of 4.7 GHz, 20 MB cache and 12 GPU cores at 2.2 GHz.

Finally, the Ryzen 9 6900HS, 6900HX, 6980HS and 6980HX all offer 8 cores and 16 threads, 20MB cache, and 12 GPU cores at 2.4 GHz. The first two feature a 4.9 GHz boost frequency, while the Ryzen 6980HS and 6980HX are the first Ryzen Mobile chips to hit 5.0 GHz. All chips have TDPs between 35W and 45W.

AMD only unveils 2 new Zen 3+ chips in its Ryzen 6000 U-Series

AMD introduced 5 new U-Series processors, but only 2 take advantage of the new Zen 3+ architecture. Indeed, the Ryzen 3 5425U, Ryzen 5 5625U and Ryzen 5825U use the old Zen 3 architecture and the Vega APU, and will therefore not offer significant performance gains compared to the previous generation.

Ryzen 6000 Mobile (3)
Credit: AMD

Nevertheless, the new Ryzen 5 6600U and Ryzen 7 6800U use the new Zen 3+ architecture and the RDNA APU2. The first offers 6 cores and 12 threads at 4.5 GHz in boost, 19 MB of cache and 6 GPU cores at 1.9 GHz. The Ryzen 7 6800U promises to be much more efficient with 8 cores and 16 threads at 4.7 GHz in boost, 20 MB of cache and 12 GPU cores at 2.2 GHz. The chip could therefore offer nearly twice the performance in gaming. The two processors have very controlled TDPs of 15 to 28 W.

According to AMD information, the Ryzen 6800U promises performance up to 28% multi-core, 11% single-core and 28% PCMark compared to the Ryzen 5800U. However, the processor consumes up to 30% less than the previous generation. In-game, the Ryzen 6800U promises to be 3 times faster than the Intel Core i7 1165G7 on Doom Eternal. The number of FPS will also be 146% higher on CS: GO, 78% on Fortnite, 61% on Watch Dogs Legion and 37% higher on The Witcher 3.

AMD promises the first laptops with these new processors will arrive from February 2022, but it will probably be necessary to wait a few more weeks before seeing them arrive in France.

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