Ryzen 7000: AMD promises “extreme gaming laptops” in 2023 with Dragon Range CPUs

AMD has confirmed that it plans to release three series of Zen 4 “Ryzen 7000” processors, namely Raphael for desktops, Phoenix for light gaming laptops, and Dragon Range for “extreme” gaming laptops. We already know a little more about them.

Credit: AMD

At a conference disclosing its first quarter 2022 financial results, AMD provided its latest roadmap which takes stock of its plans for 2022-2023. We already knew that AMD is working on Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” processors planned for the end of the year, which will arrive with a new AM5 socket only compatible with DDR5. However, it won’t be the only series to use Zen 4.

The American giant has confirmed that a new category of laptop processors will arrive in 2023 for the company’s next Ryzen 7000 line. The series, codenamed Dragon Range, targets 55 watts and above and is designed for high-end gaming laptops.

The Ryzen Dragon Range could put Intel chips down in gaming

According to AMD, Dragon Range CPUs will be ” the number one choice for dominating mobile gaming “. AMD states that Dragon Range will feature the all-new Zen 4 architecturewhich will allow him achieve record-breaking gaming performance, with the highest core, thread, and cache count ever achieved by a mobile gaming processor », and will be the « fastest creator for laptop productivity “.

AMD had already fined Intel in gaming with its Ryzen 7 5800X3D chip, and intends to reproduce this feat with laptops next year. Dragon Range chips will arrive in computers as Ryzen HX, which designates the company’s highest performance mobile CPUs. Like the Rapahel and Phoenix processors, the Dragon Range CPUs will ship with the support for DDR5 and PCIe Gen5 technologies. We therefore expect to see many more laptops with DDR5 RAM in 2023, but we do not yet know exactly when the processors will be launched.

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