S23 Ultra, an alternative to the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has suffered numerous criticisms for being a continuity device compared to the previous generation, where the main change has been the price increase. In this sense, the Samsung S23 Ultra has followed in the wake of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, raising the price to around 1,400 euros and a design similar to the previous generation.

Regarding its design, Samsung’s new petty ship incorporates a 6.8 inch screenand a screen of 120hzsimilar to the Apple iPhone, being a tremendously nice on the front. However, the rear It has an aesthetically worse arrangement of the camera module and with a worse arrangement than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, although this consideration depends tastes.

The Samsung S23 Ultra, does not include charger in the box and continues with similar colors to the previous generation, making it difficult to differentiate between generations. Of course, the edges of the S23 Ultra have edges more trimmed and flatter than the curved edges of the previous generation, giving it a touch similar to Apple’s iPhones.

Finally, both devices have a autonomy more than enough. However, the Samsung smartphone can be charged by using a charger 45w in front of the 20W of iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Samsung S23 Ultra, a great alternative to the iPhone

The biggest leap from the previous generation is the addition of the processors Snapdragon, leaving aside Samsung’s own processors, the exynos, for which a notable jump is expected both in power and in autonomy and efficiency.


The cameras, according to the initial tests, have improved considerably compared to the previous generation, but there are aspects that respond more to marketing than to benefits. Specifically, we refer to the 200 megapixels that carry the new cameras of the Samsung S23 Ultra. However, having a higher number of megapixels does not imply higher quality, rather the quality responds to the size of this and not his number. However, the quality of his photographs is exceptional, allowing photos to be taken in 12, 50 and 200 megapixels. Of course, the processing time in high values ​​is similar to the times in the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Pro Max screen

The main camera if it has made a significant leap with respect to the previous generation, being on par with or above the Cupertino device, above all, due to the incorporation of the dual pixel sensorwhich has a better and faster focus.

The most noticeable difference between the two devices is the Stylus Pen, the pencil that previously incorporated the Note, but since its removal, it has been inherited by the S23 Ultra series. He stylus spen, which can be an incredible accessory or an dispensable accessory depending on the type of user you are. As an Apple fan, we believe that it does not add much to the daily operation of the device, but surely there are users who give it a different experience than any other phone.

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