Safari 15 is having trouble adding YouTube bookmarks and websites not loading on macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina

The user experience with the new Safari 15 is not being entirely pleasant for many users. In this sense the change bookmark settings and display options and the tabs that we had previously “well placed” were ruined with the new version of Apple’s browser. This is a lesser evil considering that they can be adjusted again as we showed a few days ago on I’m from Mac.

On the other hand, now a group of users is seeing problems in the versions of macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina when adding a YouTube page to bookmarks and when loading a website. These problems They affect a part of the users who are with these versions of macOS, but not all.

Safari 15 doesn’t seem to be polished at all

In this video from the Krazy Wabbit channel, she perfectly shows how Safari 15 closes unexpectedly when bookmarking YouTube page:

In this case and as a temporary solution, the video indicates that users can create a bookmark folder for YouTube videos and then drag YouTube pages to the folder from the Safari sidebar. On the other hand, in this tweet from Chip Awah, you can see how when trying to load a web the browser does not allow it to finish and it becomes a loop:

For this previous charging problem the momentary solution would go through disable JavaScript in the menu bar resolve the problem. It seems that Safari 15 did not get on the right foot in macOS and some of these bugs that do not affect everyone but it is important to solve will still be corrected.

And you, did you come across a bug in Safari 15?

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