Safari bookmarks are now end-to-end encrypted between Mac and iPhone

Security first of all. One of the premises that Apple has marked by fire and that it tries to take to the last extremes. Ensure the security and privacy of the information of a user that resides on a device with the logo of the bitten apple.

It has now been discovered that the markers of Safari, which we share between our different devices, are end-to-end encrypted between them, without the possibility of being intercepted. Without a doubt, a new example of the company’s obsession with the safety of its users.

On the famous Reddit forum website, a new discovery about the security of Apple devices has just been published. Since the update to iOS 15, the transfer between a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad of the Safari bookmarks of the same owner, is done end-to-end encryption.

Until now, only Safari history and iCloud tabs were encrypted. After the iOS 15 update, Apple’s browser bookmarks are also encrypted, including ios and macOS.

On the security overview page of iCloud, Apple confirms that Safari bookmarks join Apple card transactions, health data, home data, keychain, Maps favorites, Memojis, iCloud messages, payment information, QuickType Keyboard learned vocabulary and more important data by End-to-end encryption handover between devices.

According to Apple, there are still some features that are currently not encrypted end-to-end, such as backups, calendars, contacts, iCloud Drive, notes, photos, reminders, Siri shortcuts, voice memos, and Wallet passes.

It is to be expected that over time they will be added to the list of data that is transferred encrypted between the different devices of the same owner. As a novelty, markers of Safari.

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