Safari bookmarks are only encrypted on the server and in transit

The Safari browser is being one of the great protagonists in recent weeks. Not always for the better, since the news it is implementing is not appealing to everyone. Its new way of managing open tabs, the bookmarks bar and a long etcetera, leaves no one indifferent. At the beginning of the month, good news reached users and that is that bookmarks were being protected with end-to-end encryption. Nevertheless, it could have been a bug because they don’t have that kind of encryption.

At the beginning of October a report indicated that the bookmarks of the new and updated browser, Safari, included end-to-end encryption functionality. But it may have been an error when updating the document. It seems that the markers continue with the same security that they had until now. That is to say, encryption in transit and on servers. So security remains high, but not in the same way as if the encryption was end-to-end.

As I was saying, Apple’s support documentation was updated to show that Safari bookmarks had been updated to have the same end-to-end encryption as, for example, Apple Card transactions and even Memoji. Now however the same documentation has removed this, and the bookmarks reappear as encrypted “in transit and on server” only.

We know that Apple’s own documentation describes that end-to-end encryption provides “the highest level of data security.” We do not really know why then the other encryption is continued. Pbut we suppose it will be a matter of time that this changes and we have the safest of all.

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