Safari changes the bookmarks layout again in macOS Monterey

The latest beta version released by Apple for macOS Monterey modifies the position of the favorites bar again, leaving it below the tabs. Without a doubt we are at that point where many of us have the feeling that Apple is not sure of the changes implemented in the design of your browser modifying this in each of the betas.

It is something that is becoming more and more frequent after the launch of the new version of Safari. The changes in the design of the browser are now part of the general adjustment that the browser suffered and surely more changes appear with the passage of versions.

In a tweet from Jason Snell, you can see the change of favorites again in the beta 10 version of macOS Monterey:

From MacRumors they echoed the change implemented by Apple in the Monterey version. These changes may also be added to the Safari versions of the rest of the Mac operating systems, such as Big Sur or Catalina. At the moment only the changes appear in the beta versions, We will see if we are facing a definitive change or it is one more test that will change in the next beta version that is released.

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