Safari loses the second position of most used browser


A few weeks ago, we talked about the possibility of Safari lost the second position as the most used browser in favor of Microsoft Edge. No sooner said than done.

Finally, Apple’s browser has lost the second position and currently is a colon away from firefoxa browser that has once again aroused the interest of users.

According to the guys at Starcounter, Microsoft Edge has become the second most used browser on desktop computersbeating Apple by just 0.09 points.

Microsoft Edge, at the end of March, had a share of 9.65% while Safari’s stood at 9.56%. Compared to the figures for the month of February, we see with Edge it has barely risen, however, Safari if you have experienced a drop which has made him lose the second position.

It goes without saying that, one more month, the browser of Google, Chrome, is still the most used browser in desktop computers with a share of 67.29%, with a rise of 2.4% in March.

In fourth position, we find Firefox, which is also increasing its share on desktop computers with 7.57%. Opera, close the ranking of the 5 browsers most used with 2.81%.

  • Google Chrome: 67.29%
  • Microsoft Edge: 9.65%
  • Apple Safari: 9.56%
  • Mozilla Firefox: 7.57%
  • Operates: 2.81%

Mobile browser market share

If we talk about mobile ecosystems, Safari hasn’t done well eithersince it has dropped half a point with respect to the month of February.

Chrome has increased its share by almost two points, Microsoft Edge continues with little change, as does Samsung Internet. Things have not gone very well for Firefox either, since it has dropped almost one point.

  • Google Chrome: 64.53% (+1.75)
  • Apple Safari: 18.84% (-0.46)
  • Microsoft Edge: 4.05% (-0.01)
  • Mozilla Firefox: 3.4% (-0.81)
  • Samsung Internet: 2.82% (+0.05)

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