Safari team asks for feedback to stop them from calling it the new Internet Explorer


Apple’s Safari and WebKit team has been forced to take to Twitter to ask for user input, due to the sheer number of complaints and lack of support being made by the developer community.

Jen Simmons, defender of developers on the Web Developer Experience team for Safari and WebKit, said in a tweet that he is aware of the criticism, mentioning that he has also heard as some users call it the new Internet Explorer.

Simmons has asked Safari users to report browser-specific problems to him and highlight examples of lack of support that make it difficult to create websites and applications. However, it does not recommend installing Safari Technology Preview.

Jen Simmons claims that the “ambiguous hate” and the talk of bugs from several years ago already fixed was counterproductive to the feedback process.

Safari has never been characterized by being un browser with wide compatibility, at least among the users who squeeze the most out of our team. The complaints related to Safari reached their peak when last WWDC Apple presented a new redesign that practically nobody liked.

Safari security issues

A few weeks ago, a vulnerability was reported that allowed reveal the identity of users and that, in addition, allowed to track the browsing history. Another bug recently discovered, allowed the friends of strangers to hack the webcams to later access the computers.

In particular, I stopped using Safari on the Mac a long time ago, mainly due to the compatibility issues with a large number of web pages.

Every month, Apple releases a new version of Safari Technology Preview, Apple’s browser implement news which, in the future, may reach the final version of Safari, a browser much more compatible with Safari.

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