Safari Technology Preview 141 now available with performance improvements

Safari Technology Preview Update 101

Apple’s experimental browser, Safari Technology Preview, with which the company tests new features that may (not always) end up in the version of Safari for macOS, has just received a new update with which it reaches version 141.

This new version includes bug fixes and performance improvements in the web inspector, CSS, forms, JavaScript, web animations, web API, WebAuthn and content security policy.

Safari Technology Preview version 141 is based on Safari 15.4 update and includes the features that Apple introduced in Safari 15 with the release of macOS Monterey.

How to update Safari Technology Preview

Unlike Safari, which is updated to new versions through a system update, to update to Safari Technology Preview, we must access System Preferences > Software Update.

Safari Technology Preview works independently of Safariwhich allows us to have both versions installed and work with both independently.

This browser is intended for the developer community in order to obtain feedback from this community, although can be used by any usersince it is not necessary to have an Apple account to be able to download it.

If you want to give this one a shot experimental version of Safari, You must go through this link and download it to your computer. This browser is compatible with both macOS Monterey and macOS Catalina.

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